Solar batteries allow Sacramento residents, businesses to protect against power shutoffs

If you live in the Sacramento region and haven’t experienced a power shut off recently, chances are you might in the future.

That is because PG&E continues to shut down the power to residents and businesses across the state to try to mitigate wildfire risk. Around 1.1 million of the utility company’s customers were impacted by the most recent round of power shutoffs.

Some went hours and even days without power, which can severely affect how someone lives or how a business functions. Because of this, many homeowners and business owners across the region are putting their power production in their own hands by utilizing a solar battery, combined with solar panels.

A solar battery is able to hold the excess electricity that solar panels generate instead of that energy being sent back out to the utility grid. When the solar battery is full, only then does excess power go back to the grid. The stored power can then be utilized during a power outage or at night.

This is why so many people are turning to solar batteries to protect themselves against PG&E shutoffs.

At Aztec Solar, we have been doing solar and only solar in the Sacramento region for nearly four decades, and are proud to be able to deliver a natural resource that helps residents with rooftop solar panels and businesses with commercial solar.

If you have any questions about going solar, or how solar batteries work, make sure to contact us today.

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