Solar car shatters efficiency record in Australia

Solar-powered cars are efficient – an Australian team out of the University of New South Wales has proven it.

The team set out to break the “solar-powered car efficiency record,” which was 5.5 kWh/100 km. So, they prepared their solar car named “Violet” with more than 300 mono-crystalline photovoltaic cells on the hood, top of the trunk and roof and zoomed past it. Driving from Perth to Sydney, the team ended up recording 3.25 kWh/100 km. summarized that like this:

“That’s around 25 times more efficient than an average car in the US (at 25 MPGe) and nearly 5 times more efficient than a Tesla Model 3 (at 170 MPG).”

The team reached their finish line two days early.

Now that is some serious power!

If solar energy can produce that sort of power, imagine what it could do for your home or business! People across the Sacramento region are currently enjoying the benefits of solar power. Whether it be a residence or a business, solar can increase efficiency, lower costs and help the environment.

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