More than Solar Electricity

Q: How did Aztec Solar get started?

A: Aztec Solar started 35 years ago. Ed Murray founded the business. He was an advocate for solar technology and worked with a company called Murray & Sun. From there he branched off and started Aztec Solar a solar electric and solar heating and cooling installation company serving commercial and residential customers throughout Northern California for 30 years

Q: What kinds of services does Aztec Solar offer?

A: We offer solar water heating, solar electric and solar pool heating solutions to homeowners. Solar water heating is a great technology and it’s going to reduce your natural gas or your water electric heating bill. Natural gas uses up to about 40% of your cost in heating water. So, with a simple investment that is now covered with 50% incentives through the California Solar Initiative and through a federal tax credit, you can install a new water heating system in your home for under $4,000.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about these programs and the financial incentives that they offer?

A: Sure, installing a solar water heating system is a simple one day installation. Currently, there is a rebate program whether you’re with SMUD or PG&E. They both offer a cash rebate that we extend directly to the customer and in addition to that you have a tax write off of 30% of the installed system cost. Aztec solar wants to help homeowners become more energy efficient and achieve independence in their energy solutions, so we’re offering $800 off a solar energy system that’s good through February 29, 2012.

Q: Aside from the big cost savings benefits, are there any other advantages of going solar?

A: Yes, when you support local businesses, you help create more jobs, which is great for the community. You’re helping the future of our planet, which is great for our children and our grandchildren. Ultimately, you’re saving in your pocket book every month.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about the solar electric program?

A: Solar electric technology is going to reduce the electric portion of your bill and it’s a good idea to install all year around. It’s an especially good time to install solar electric when you’re using your heater a lot, when you have a lot of guests in the home and you’re using more appliances. There are financial incentives available right now and Aztec Solar has a special lease program that can get you into a brand-new system with no money down.

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