Solar power has dropped nearly 100 percent in price over two decades

Green energy technology is the key to a brighter future and a healthier planet. Together, we can roll back and undo some of the damage caused by climate change.

Clearly, there’s an undeniable desire to get back on track environmentally. And unlike any time before, solar power technology is as affordable as ever. Over the last two decades alone, the cost of solar has fallen by 90 percent. By 2030, the most affordable source of new power will be generated by solar technologies.

According to a recent report, the solar power industry will continue to expand as it meets economic and policy goals, especially as the world recovers from the pandemic’s financial fallout.

With new environmental priorities and an appetite for budget-friendly energy solutions, solar energy will grow in use while becoming more affordable.

Larger companies see commercial solar energy as a way to decarbonize their operations, lower their overall energy costs, and set an example to the world about their commitment to a greener planet.

The development and growth of new technologies will continue to drive prices down over the next decade. These advancements will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The report’s outlook is based on the implementation of new technologies that are already in place and in commercial development.

Along with new technologies, operating costs are also expected to fall in the coming years thanks to artificial intelligence and automation. Price reduction and greater affordability will displace older and more expensive technologies.

Subsidies play a major role in lowering the costs of solar technologies. Company support and public policy initiatives accelerated the pace at which solar energy technology penetrated the market. Today, solar also speaks for itself as the lowest-cost source for new power generation.

The widening embrace of solar technology is introducing consumers to related and exciting applications, such as solar battery storage. With the unpredictability of utility pricing and planned power outages, solar battery storage is reliable and stores energy that can be used at any time.

No longer a niche technology, solar energy and related applications can meet the energy needs of Sacramento region home and business owners alike. No matter the size of the project, there’s a solution waiting to save you money and help save the planet.

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