Solar storage bill clears key hurdle in state Assembly

Solar energy storage got a boost recently when a new bill cleared a key hurdle in the state Legislature.

SB 700, which would extend the life of the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) through 2026, passed out of the Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee. The bill would commit the state to $1.3 billion in solar storage incentives.

More than 150 companies and organizations support the bill. SB 700 will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee later in the summer.

Solar energy storage is becoming more important because it provides Californians even more options for saving money and managing energy. It is all about how we’re able to harness and utilize solar energy. As solar energy depends on the sun’s rays, nighttime and cloudy conditions can result in insufficient electricity if there is not a method to store the energy. The most traditional form of storage is a battery, which is being used mostly for short periods to keep the grid stable and not necessarily incorporating the renewable energy into the grid.

The future of solar is ever changing, however, and more storage options are being researched.

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