Solar workforce saw a 168 percent increase in solar-related jobs through 2017

The Solar Foundation’s 2017 National Solar Jobs Census report shows just how popular solar power is in the form of creating jobs. The study shows how much solar jobs have grown in the last seven years:

  • 2010: Estimated 93,000 solar jobs
  • 2017: Approximately 250,000 solar jobs
  • Current solar workforce = 168 percent increase

This exponential growth in the solar industry seems to be almost unmatched by any other industry sector. The most impressive part of the study is seeing the numbers today of how many people are working in and with solar energy compared to less than 10 years ago. The second takeaway from the research is the understanding that long ago, solar energy seemed like an abstract idea that was unaffordable and unattainable by the masses. This thought has changed tenfold. The fact is that today, solar energy is now widely available and easily attainable to the masses and well-supported by city, state, and federal support programs.

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