Space Project Successfully Tests Remote Solar Technology

In a not too distant future, a satellite equipped with solar panels may transmit electricity from outer space to anywhere on planet Earth.

As part of a project by the Pentagon, scientists successfully tested a small solar prototype, first launched in 2020, that showed the possibilities of remote solar technology.

The unmanned drone carrying the panel zips around the planet every 90 minutes, where it can most efficiently harness the sun’s energy. Outside the confines of the atmosphere, solar panels can absorb extra energy, including blue waves. Blue waves produce higher concentrations of energy.

From the ground, we cannot harness blue energy. That’s because blue light breaks up as soon as it penetrates the atmosphere. (The sky is blue for this reason.)

The efficient solar power technology in orbit is combined with the Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module, which uses microwaves to transmit power. The small panel, which is about 12-feet long, can already produce 10 watts of energy. Scaled up, there will be unlimited possibilities, including orbiting solar power arrays that can power entire cities remotely and nearly instantly.

With the recent utility emergency and crisis in Texas, it’s great to know that one-day solar technology could deliver critical electricity resources anywhere it’s needed at a moment’s notice.

As we look toward a promising future of massive remote solar applications, the promise of clean, affordable, reliable, and advanced solar power technology is already here for your home or business.

Whether you’re thinking about powering your entire home with a solar power electricity application that can also store excess energy on solar batteries, or you want a system to efficiently heat your swimming pool, there’s a solution for you.

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