Spend more time in your pool with solar heating

During this difficult time, staying at home is the new normal.

With so much time stuck indoors, entertainment options are also dwindling.

Even the outdoor pool is out of the question – unless the polar bear challenge is on your list of goals.

Luckily, with Aztec Solar, you can take advantage of Heliocol technology to keep pool water warm and inviting during the region’s current temperatures. By acting now, you and your family can double the swim season and spend quality time together with a splash.

A longer swim season in the Sacramento region isn’t the only benefit. Energy savings and the peace of mind of going green are also part of the equation.

Return on investment

Solar pool heating is good for this season and for many more years to come. Lasting 20 years or longer, it easily outperforms other types of pool water heating systems, including electric or gas heating systems. Also, keep in mind that these alternatives to solar require yearly maintenance, substantially adding to the cost.

There’s more: A heat pump can require monthly operating costs. That’s not the case with solar, a renewable resource.

Efficient and cost-effective

Because the water heating system works with the pool’s existing pump, there are no extra costs or energy required to get it working.

The pool’s pump will continue to circulate water into the pool and the solar collectors, where the water is heated by the sun’s rays.

Good for the environment

Like all of Aztec Solar’s applications, pool heating is part of a solution for a bigger goal: a brighter future and stronger planet.

Solar pool heating relies on a renewable source of energy and transfers heat from the Heliocol solar panel directly into the pool.

If you want to extend your swim season, save money and help protect the planet, contact us today to learn more about our the Heliocol advantage.

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