The ‘World’s Greenest Cruise Ship’ to Include Retractable Photovoltaic Sails

The Peace Boat Ecoship Project is a program that’s working to build the planet’s most environmentally sustainable cruise ship. The Peace Boat is planned to be a platform that will host round-the-world educational voyages that can carry up to 6,000 people per year. The Peace Boat will also offer exhibitions on green technology and serve as a floating sustainability laboratory that will contribute to research on ocean climate and green marine technology. It will also help to raise awareness and create active engagement with the many challenges that embody the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Peace Boat was an innovative design created by Oliver Design and challenges the status-quo with a radical amount of energy efficiency, boundary-defying technology, and nature-inspired technology with real living ecosystems on board.

Here are what make the Ecoship’s Project, Peace Boat, the most advanced cruise ship in history:

Radical energy efficiency

  • 20% reduction of propulsion energy
  • 50% reduction of electricity load
  • Integrated heat recovery and reuse system
  • Fuel adaptability and future readiness

Boundary-defying technology

  • 10 retractable wind generators
  • 10 retractable photovoltaic sails
  • 6,000 m2 / 750 Kw of solar power generation
  • Kinetic floors

Nature-inspired technology

  • Aerodynamic shape and hydrodynamic hull inspired by the whale (Biomimicry)
  • Air bubble hull lubrication system
  • Natural ventilation
  • Biophilic design for comfort and inspiration

Real ecosystems onboard

  • Onboard plant kingdom and vertical farming
  • Closed loop water system
  • Zero discharge / zero waste operation

What we love about the Peace Boat Ecoship Project is that it’s concrete evidence that we’re moving toward green energy in ways that we could never have imagined before. We’re also impressed with the fact that retractable solar sails are part of the features that make this sailing vessel “the world’s most eco-friendly cruise ship,” according to Oliver Design. The solar sails alone are estimated to produce up to 10 percent of the propulsion power. This is an incredible amount of sun-harnessed energy when you consider how much power would be needed to move a cruise ship of this magnitude.

Every day, our team takes pride in knowing we’re working with solar energy. We’re excited to be part of an industry that’s moving forward with green energy. This knowledge serves us well when we start out each day feeling like we’re advancing healthier solutions that will benefit our planet and global environment for generations to come.

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