Toyota testing car completely covered in solar cells

It seems like solar power has a positive impact in so many areas of our lives. Soon, it could change car-buying.

Toyota is currently testing an electric car that has solar cells attached to its hood, roof and back window. The result so far? A very efficient way of converting solar energy at a rate of 34 percent. The cells can produce 860 watts of energy and boost the car’s range by 35 miles.

Toyota isn’t prepared to say when such solar cells may be available to the public, but the company is testing it this month in Tokyo. The main benefit of the solar system is that it can power the car’s battery while the vehicle is in use.

Large companies, as well as small- to mid-sized businesses, across the world continue to test solar power’s capabilities by going the traditional route and adding panels to their buildings’ roof.

If you are a business owner in the Sacramento region you are in a great spot to take advantage of what solar has to offer. That is because this area is considered to have some of the sunniest summers in the world. What that means is energy independence, increased property value, monthly savings on your electricity bill (sometimes thousands of dollars) and helping the environment.

And to top it off, the Solar Investment Tax Credit is still good for a 30 percent deduction in 2019. Next year, it drops to 26 percent.

Aztec Solar has been doing solar and only solar in the Sacramento region for nearly 40 years. Over that time, we have handled a variety of commercial solar installations, from hotels, to schools, to multi-family solar and affordable housing solar. View some of our work here.

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