Housing industry moving toward ‘Ultra-Efficient Homes’

The car industry has been changing and growing more toward reusable energy for years, and now the housing industry is catching up with Ultra-Efficient Homes.

An Ultra Efficient Home uses less energy in its design, construction, landscaping, technology, building materials and the powering of the home. From SIPs construction, Therma Plus LoE glass windows, well-placed trees to act as wind and sun barriers, and solar for power, these homes are environmentally stable, reliable, comfortable and will add more money in your pocket by the energy savings.

If you can’t afford a brand new Ultra Efficient Home, there are steps you can take to make your current home more efficient. Here are some examples:

Insulation: Have a professional test your home for leaks and fill any holes and gaps to help seal any gaps. If you can afford it, reinsulating your attic can save you energy over time.

Landscaping: Trees can act like barriers from the wind and provide much needed shade to areas. By planting tall bushes or a tree line, you can help save on your cooling.

Going Solar: One of the best ways to help make your home more efficient is by going solar. From powering your home, a solar water heater, or even a solar heater for your pool, solar will save you money on your electric bill, and over time, your new power system will start to pay for itself.

Contact Aztec Solar today and start making your home more Ultra-Efficient by going solar!

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