Why using cell cards instead of Wi-Fi for solar panels is better

Did you know that many solar and energy monitoring systems use Wi-Fi? And no, it’s not to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Many solar users utilize Wi-Fi to manage their energy use from their smartphones. Energy companies use the data, as well, to track usage and production details. Companies also use the data to keep tabs on performance or troubleshoot. So, a reliable connection is helpful.

But there’s a problem: Wi-Fi connections can be unstable and give rise to security and configuration issues. For example, unreliable Wi-Fi may result in incomplete data or service interruption. In addition, when you use your Wi-Fi to store and monitor data from your energy system, vital personal information is vulnerable. And every now and then, you will have to replace your router. If your home solar system is connected to your Wi-Fi, it’ll have to be reconfigured each time you replace your router, and this can be a headache.

Aztec Solar realizes these potential pitfalls and relies on cell cards instead of Wi-Fi for our solar panels. Doing so ensures that all your data is being captured – even when your Wi-Fi fails you. As a result, our customers experience uninterrupted access to an app or website to view their energy consumption data.

Our cell cards use a popular wireless service provider and we’ve been doing so for 12 years, without an issue.

These cell cards allow your Aztec solar panels to stay off of your Wi-Fi network, and keep your entertainment/business internet use separate, minimizing the chances of service interruptions to your favorite shows or websites.

Let’s face it, Wi-Fi isn’t always reliable, the safest or securest. We believe it’s important to eliminate this potential pitfall by using more secure technology to manage your energy investment.

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