Using Solar Energy Solutions by Sacramento Solar Specialists

Thanks to the increasing rate of electricity bills and the emerging need to contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow, people are beginning to look for alternative and environment-friendly sources of electrical energy. Of the many greener options available, and arguably the easiest for home use, is a solar system.

Solar panel home energy systems in Sacramento can be designed and installed by solar specialists. These systems have two varieties: on-grid and off-grid systems, each with the option of purchasing and connecting storage devices.

On-grid systems connected to your power plant’s supply grid, so that if you are generating energy that you aren’t using it can be fed back into the grid. If you establish a net metering agreement with your plant any energy you feed into the system will be added as a credit to your monthly utility bill. So, if you don’t have a storage device like a battery, at night when you are using the grid system if you generated enough during the day to create a credit your net payment will be zero. Keep in mind that currently SMUD and PG&E will not let a homeowner install a system more than what their historical load is. They will only allow credits for offset in a twelve month period.

Off-grid systems work exactly as they say: your solar system will generate energy to be stored in system batteries. Unlike the on-grid system, if you run out of energy from your storage device you need to start collecting energy from the grid or go without power. Generally speaking, unless you have the right capacity to produce and store energy for unlimited use, staying connected to the grid system in Sacramento is your best option.

There are two ways to acquire a solar energy system: you can purchase a custom build system from a contractor or construct your own. If you live in a city with a warm, sunny climate, like Sacramento, then it is best to use your rooftop to utilize all the sunlight during the day. You may also use a shade structure or a ground mount system. As long as the sun is shining on the panels, you are in good shape.

If you’re worried about your budget, you might look into constructing your own solar energy system instead of purchasing a custom built and installed system. There are a plethora of DIY yourself guides on solar panel system construction, many of which are available on the internet. However, you should think carefully about which guide is right for you and your home before you begin purchasing materials and constructing the devices.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable setting up a system yourself, and it can truly be a daunting task, there are solar services companies available to help you in the process or handle the task for you. Often when considering installing a system themselves few people take into account that you need building permits, you need to look into zoning laws, analyze the structural integrity of your house and how to connect the system to your electrical grid, and few know how to size a system properly. Solar services companies like Aztec Solar are here to help you.

Aside from the environmental benefit offered by an entirely renewable energy source, a solar system is extraordinarily convenient. Solar panels are quite low-maintenance once they’re properly installed. With all the benefits of affordable, renewable electricity at your feet, it’s easy to see why solar energy is gaining popularity and can be just what your household needs.

However you harness it, the power of the sun isn’t a resource we’re going to lose any time soon. Long after we’ve run out of natural gas and fossil fuels, the sun will continue to rise and set. If this practical, ecologically sound system is for you, solar power specialists in the Sacramento area can answer whatever questions you have and offer many solar energy solutions

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