Utility Bills… up up and away

Sit down, relax and turn off your rational mind. Yes, this is the state of mind you need to be in when looking at your utility bills…

By now you are either 1) a scholar of energy rates (meaning you have a general understanding of your statement) or 2) have already tossed it aside.

Well, let’s talk scenarios that can help you lower the bottom line on your bills. Solar electric is one way, but if you haven’t thought about solar water heating you have not considered all your options.

How do you currently heat your water?

  1. If you are an all-electric homeowner, this is probably a sour topic because in the top tiers you are paying between $0.17-$0.40/kWh to heat your water. Ultimately spending 1,000’s a year for those comfy hot showers.
  2. If you use propane to heat your water than in most cases your scenario is worse still than the one above. In addition you are preparing your utility for months or perhaps even a year in advance.
  3. If you are fortunate enough to “write 2 checks” for your utility bills, than you must heat your water with natural gas. The bad news here is that we all know too well that deregulated rates from such utilities tend to spike year over year, which is another type of tornado that you do not want to get caught up in

How can Solar Water Heating help?

  1. I’ll start with the big kicker… you can get a solar water heating system starting under $5K (after credits and rebates)
  2. Solar water heating is the most efficient residential solar technology available.
  3. Right now rebates and tax credits can cover up to 50% of your costs.
  4. Progressive financing options will work for almost all homeowners.
  5. Installations are about 1 day. You can start receiving hot water from the sun right away.
  6. You can decrease your yearly spending on water heating by up to 80% by installing a Solar Water Heating system.

Spring is the Best Time to Install!

As the sun starts peaking out more frequently, this is the best time to get a system installed and start maximizing the sun hours. The cash rebate program is just in its beginning stages, so now is the best time to collect the highest rebate available. Lastly, Aztec Solar is happy to stop by, take a look at your home and share our solar advice.

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