We’re bringing the power of solar to communities across the world

Aztec Solar is proud of its partnership with Sigora Solar, our parent company.

Its values and forward-thinking approach to clean energy solutions align with the vision Aztec Solar began realizing more than four decades ago. We believe we can all be part of a bigger solution through our actions and decisions we make today. Environmentally clean and affordable energy solutions are part of that vision and bright future.

At Sigora, public-first initiatives and partnerships are prioritized to ensure that the benefits of solar technologies can be shared by everyone. The Affordable Access Initiative at Sigora International is a winner of a recent Microsoft Airband Initiative, which spotlights companies that develop business-friendly technologies and services that help disadvantaged communities access affordable energy resources.

Clean energy at home looks a little different than clean energy abroad. Companies like Sigora champion energy causes not just here at home but in some of the most remote corners of the planet. Through these efforts, households and families can do away with unhealthy energy alternatives, such as kerosene, to power their homes and provide heat for cooking. New hybrid grids that incorporate solar and wind technologies are helping countries achieve their carbon target goals much sooner.

Together, we have a shared vision of supporting the energy needs of our customers around the clock. California is aware of the costs brought on by traditional utility during severe weather events. With solar, home and business customers have access to reserve energy sources. Solar batteries store energy so when it is needed at a later time it can be utilized. In other parts of the world, regular power outages are far more common. That is why Sigora is committed to 24/7 electricity services so that all communities can go about their day without restrictions to their home and business management.

Over the next two years, Sigora vows to bring even more energy resources to other areas in need. The company has agreements and plans to bring power to more than 150,00 people in Haiti with energy that’s clean, reliable and fairly priced.

The promise of affordable and reliable energy matters no matter where you live. If you’ve decided to stop relying on traditional utility and begin a fresh start with solar energy, Aztec Solar has the experience, technology, customer service and expertise to design a system that will meet all your energy needs. Contact us today to learn more about how clean energy can save you money and help transform the world.

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