What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage is the perfect complement to a solar energy electricity system.

More and more, people who install solar energy at their homes or business are also thinking of solar battery storage.

Solar battery storage means energy independence from high utility prices and blackouts that can leave customers completely in the dark.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of solar battery storage.

Off-the-grid independence

Being off the grid is a great thing with solar battery storage.

When the Sacramento Region experiences power outages during the wildfire season, solar battery storage systems keep homes powered.

Not having to rely on the power grid means worrying less, and having the peace of mind that the power will stay on.

Added savings to electric bill

Solar batteries can be used for monthly savings.

When utilities use time-of-use rate structures, customers are charged different rates depending on the time of the day.

Solar battery storage gives customers the flexibility to use energy more efficiently.

In addition, solar battery storage may make up for savings when retail net metering is unavailable.

More clean energy

As a renewable source of energy, many people turn to solar technology because it’s a clean way to power a home and communities.

You too can have a greater impact in the fight against climate change.

You’ll be creating and storing renewable energy that was produced by the solar panels on your very own roof.

Backup power

Because the power grid is sometimes unreliable, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll have backup power.

There can be a number of reasons for power interruptions or full-scale outages of traditional utilities. With solar battery storage, however, there’s no such thing as power uncertainty.

Aztec Solar has partnered with customers in the Sacramento Region for more than four decades.

Our range of top-quality solar products and technologies, including solar battery storage, can power your home or business and meet your energy needs.

Please let us know today how we can help you create and store clean and affordable energy at your home or business.

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