What is Solar Energy?

The sun has been a focal point of human memorization for thousands of years. Numerous ancient cultures had sun gods, who were always the most powerful of all the deity. Along with worshiping the sun, people have learned through the ages how to take the sun’s rays and use it for themselves. Today, the range of solar energy uses is astounding. From simply taking advantage of the sun to drying the laundry hanging on the clothes line to powering vehicles and providing the energy needed to run a home or business’s electrical demands.

  • What is solar energy?

    Simply put, solar energy is the energy we get from the light and heat produced by the sun. It is a renewable source of energy, meaning it does not run out, it is continually being made. In contrast, fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum, take thousands of years to form. Consequently, they are considered non-renewable energy sources.

    Solar energy has been used for basics such as drying foods, hides, and clothing since the world began. But it has only been within modern history that people have been able to use the sun’s power for more advanced features. While solar energy is used to even power satellites, its advanced features are feasible enough to power our basic home or business needs.

  • How is solar energy used?

    Homes and businesses alike can benefit from solar energy. Aztec Solar offers solar services to both for electric, water heating, and pool heating needs.

    • Electric

      Whenever the sun is shining, solar panels collect the rays and convert them into energy to run the electricity a home or business needs. Aztec Solar guarantees its solar panels for 20 years, and most solar panels are expected to last over a quarter of a century. Using solar panels to generate some of a home’s or business’s electrical needs drastically cuts down on your electric bill every month, providing owners with significant savings immediately.

    • Water heating

      If the right solar system is installed, nearly 80% of both home and business owners’ bills are cut. Those are savings people can’t ignore! An active solar water heating system from Aztec Solar contains collectors, a storage tank, a solar controller, a solar pump group, an expansion tank, and glycol.

    • Pool heating

      No one likes to jump into a frigid pool. But no one really likes to pay for the additional costs of keeping the pool at the perfect temperature. A solar pool heater will cost more upfront than your typical pool heater, but it is completely balanced out by the fact it is a one-time cost: no need to continue paying for the fuel to keep the heater running.

  • What do solar companies do?

    The job of solar companies is to provide their customers with the best quality service and installation of solar products to both home and business owners. That means whether you own a little one-bedroom home or run a several-hundred room hotel, solar companies are able to provide you with the solar energy equipment needed. Solar companies can offer energy analysis to determine the energy needs and uses a building has, and then match those needs with what you as a customer want. After audits and installations, services to upkeep and maintain your solar system is then given by solar companies.

    We here at Aztec Solar stand by our motto to provide each customer with the best products and service possible, working towards the bettering of your quality of life and the good of the earth.

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