Why you should install electric vehicle charging stations

Electrical vehicles will take you on a ride you’ve never been on before.

EVs simply have faster performance, but that’s just the beginning. They are also safer to drive, better for the environment and your wallet in a number of ways.

For starters, EVs are creating a shift in priorities. Money spent on gasoline will be reinvested into electricity. For instance, new building codes require the construction of facilities that support EV charging.

We can kick the use of EV into an even higher gear for multifamily investors and EV drivers.

EV charging is a must-have amenity for a multifamily or commercial building. Owners of these facilities can offer this service with no utility service update. This allows tenants and other EV owners to pay a flat rate for the service using a cloud-based solution.

It’s a total win-win because it will increase the owner’s equity value and saves EV drivers on costs. Plus, it’s great for the environment, too.

Aztec Solar’s clouding system will support 100 percent of all electric vehicle models, allowing for power flow even during a utility blackout when it’s combined with a solar storage system.

This reliable service will not go unnoticed to EV drivers and building owners because it provides income and cost-savings.

You can trust Aztec Solar to deliver on forward-thinking solutions to you, your customers and surrounding community. We have been at this in the Sacramento region for more than four decades and have earned the reputation as the go-to solar experts.

We are committed to meeting the energy needs of today and extending industry-leading technologies to your clients as well with the power of EV charging stations, and cutting-edge infrastructure to support it.

Please contact us today to learn more about this incredible opportunity to provide a vital service that keeps on paying for itself.

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