With cold months looming, consider winterizing your solar pool heating system

The winter Sacramento months are just around the corner. It won’t be long until the house heater starts running and your car windshield has ice on it in the mornings.

That means it is also almost time to weatherproof your home – covering pipes, caulking windows, etc. If you are a solar pool heater owner, it also means it is time to protect your investment.

A proper winterization of a solar pool heater includes the following:

  • Testing sensors
  • Draining pipes
  • Draining panels
  • Checking condition of pipes
  • Changing timers for the winter cycle
  • Making sure the system will remain protected throughout the winter and into the warmer season.

At Aztec Solar, we take care of all of this with our 20-point inspection process to make sure your solar system is ready for the freezing temperatures of winter.

When you make investments in your home, you have to make sure you protect those investments, and since solar is going to be saving you money over the long-term and helping power your home, we think winterization is vitally important.

Solar pool heating is so effective that it is the largest use of solar energy in the world, accounting for over 90 percent of all solar collector shipments. That’s why over 300,000 pool owners have already purchased solar systems for their pools and why the number grows every year.

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