How It Works: Solar Panels in Sacramento

Have you ever wondered how solar power actually works? For some people, the fact that they don’t completely understand solar panels in Sacramento could be the very thing keeping them from making the switch away from standard electricity. Don’t let this fear of the unknown stand between you and making a big change for your home and the environment.

How Solar Panels in Sacramento Save You Money

When you switch to solar, you are no longer dependent on electric companies to source your home’s electricity. You’ve probably noticed that the price of energy has been steadily going up in the past decade. That’s because it is continuing to cost more to even produce it. The methods currently used to make standard electricity use something called fossil fuels. There are a limited number of them in the earth, and when they are gone, they are gone for good. This knowledge of slowly disappearing fossil fuels plays into the law of supply and demand. When there is less of a supply and a continued demand for electricity, then prices go up.

By switching to Sacramento solar power, you will no longer have to pay that continually growing price of electricity all the while using a dependable, safe, and environmentally friendly source. You can cut your energy bill by as much as 50%. Over a few years, that adds up to thousands of dollars.

Understanding Sacramento Solar Panels

Have you ever looked at a solar panel up close? If you did, then you saw a glassy surface with something underneath called photovoltaic cells. These cells do all the work to create solar energy. The word, photovoltaic, comes from Latin. Photo means light, and then voltaic means voltage or electricity. Together, the term refers to cells that capture light and then turn it into energy that you can use in your home.

With your solar installation, the utility will install a bi-directional meter. This unique meter will be able to receive excess energy produced from the solar system when the house demand is satisfied. When the excess energy is sent back to the utility company, you will receives credits that you can use for energy at night when the solar system is not producing energy.

Aztec Solar Is Making a Big Change for You and the Environment

Sacramento solar panels are actually quite simple when you put it in those basic terms. They are virtually maintenance free, and when you choose systems from Aztec Solar, they will last for 25 years with little maintenance needed.

Aztec Solar is one of the Sacramento solar companies working to make changes for you as well as for the environment through our solar panels. We can help you enjoy a drastically lower electric bill in just a matter of weeks. Additionally, each solar system we install is helping another homeowner take a step forward for the environment. We will be glad to help you understand solar energy in Sacramento and how they could be of benefit to you.

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