Your guide to solar plus storage for your facility

For over four decades, Aztec Solar has brought the power, convenience and value of solar into thousands of homes and businesses across Northern California.

For them, solar electricity has meant energy savings and peace of mind that they will always have access to clean and Earth-friendly energy.

Business entities, including schools, hospitality, industrial, multifamily housing, municipality and so many other sectors rely on solar energy more than ever before to meet their energy needs.

We invite our business friends in the Sacramento region to explore the possibilities of solar energy. In this free download, we will answer questions about solar energy and all the benefits it’ll provide to your enterprise.

You’ll learn why it makes so much sense to go solar today.

Topics in the guide include:

  • Understanding your electric bill
  • Solar energy and battery storage
  • Benefits of solar and energy storage
  • Reducing demand and consumption through battery storage technology
  • What solar companies don’t tell you about tax credits
  • Those are just some of the discussions included in the free buyer’s guide.

We hope to tell you about the exciting technologies and solar perks for your business, including solar + battery storage and net metering, which delivers credit directly to you for the value the solar electricity system generates.

Aztec Solar is proud to earn your business. For more than 40 years, we’ve delivered on our promise of excellent customer service and excellent solar products.

Our customers appreciate us because of how we approach our job. Award-winning solar experts will consult you throughout the process that leads to turn-key installations and top-of-the-class solar products.

When you partner with us, we also promise to make you our top priority. Our proven track record will reassure you that you have selected the right partner for this exciting transition into the world of solar energy that will save your business money and help provide a brighter future for all.

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