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Within the last year, homeowners have been on a solar coaster with so many twists and turns, it has made it difficult to still see the positive around owning your own system. A majority of solar companies still standing are not willing to touch an already installed system or are not equipped enough to solve the issues involved with a defective system. If you find yourself in this situation, we’d love to help. Start by filling out our survey below.

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Here, at Aztec Solar, we believe in having exemplary customer service and creating all possible solutions for our solar owners; being a solar orphan is no different. We developed a 20-point Solar Assessment to assist in identifying lingering issues from the previous installer. Discover what we offer by flipping the tiles below!

Roof Module Check

Confirming and evaluating the general functionality and cleanliness of the roof unit.

Electrical Panel Check

Establishing the operational status of the electrical panel.

Solar Inverter Check

Inspect all aspects of the inverter.

After Maintenance Check

Utilization of performance reports.

Right now, dealing with your solar headache is probably causing a lot of unnecessary anxiety and you might be doubting if this was even the right choice to begin with, however, choosing to install solar was still the right choice to help create a positive future for yourself and our planet. Just because your previous installer went out of business doesn’t mean you have to continue to suffer with the unknown of your system’s functionality, if it needs repair, or even basic upkeep. There is still a company that is willing to help you anytime, anywhere; Aztec Solar is here for the long haul and are more than ready to assist you!

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