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Researchers develop device that can generate power through solar and cool down buildings

Researchers develop device that can generate power through solar and cool down buildings

The power of the sun is so strong that it continues to open possibilities in terms of electricity generation.

In fact, Stanford researchers have developed a device that can not only act as a solar panel on a rooftop to generate power, but it can also be used cool buildings down.

The dual-purpose device largely has the same components traditionally found on a solar panel on the top, but underneath is where the innovation begins. The materials are built to push heat off of the roof through “radiative cooling.” This is the process of shedding heat via infrared light. This process, in theory, releases the heat and saves energy by reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to keep a building’s interior cool.

Speaking of innovation in solar, a solar-powered plane recently flew for a record 25 consecutive days, which was an aviation record!

The possibilities with solar seem endless and researchers are just beginning to scratch the surface. In the meantime, solar energy continues to offer businesses and homeowners alike opportunities to save on their electricity bill, add value to their property and reduce their environmental footprint.

The best part is that those in the Sacramento region can currently take advantage of our latest offer of a Solar Electric System for just $8,888*!

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Industry involvement is important, and that’s why our CEO is actively involved.

Industry involvement is important, and that’s why our CEO is actively involved.

Yeah, we said it – our CEO is kind of a big deal.

Aztec Solar President/CEO Ed Murray has been a part of the solar industry since 1978. Since 1984, Ed has served on the CALSSA (California Solar and Storage Association), formerly CALSEIA, as its secretary, treasurer, vice president, president and chair of its Ethics Committee. Ed is also the chair of the Solar Heating and Cooling Division for SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) and serves on the Consumer Protection Committee, Election Committee and Federal Policy Committee. Ed is on the NABCEP board of directors and has been a board member of SEIA since 2011.

Shall we go on? OK.

Recognizing his commitment and dedication to solar, Ed was voted California’s “Solar Man of the Year” in 1993. He has his NABCEP solar thermal certificate and is a California‐licensed building and solar contractor.

Ed is on the Standards Committee of the SRCC (Solar Ratings and Certification Corporation) and has been involved in the creation of legislation and policy advocacy on various solar-energy-related issues at the state and federal levels. He is called on to testify on solar issues at the California Legislature, California Energy Commission and California Public Utilities Commission regularly.

In addition, he operates solar thermal companies in Northern California and was the solar thermal director of SunTechnics Energy Systems. He is currently the president of both Aztec Solar Inc. and Elm Distribution.

As you can see, Ed takes solar very seriously and that is reflected in the products we sell, our customer service, ethical approach and overall quality of our work.

If you want to experience the Aztec Solar difference, call us today at (916) 853-2700.

Walt Disney World is building 270-acre solar farm

Walt Disney World is building 270-acre solar farm

The Magic Kingdom is all in on solar energy.

Walt Disney World Resort is in the process of building a 270-acre solar farm equipped with a half million panels. The goal of the facility is to power two of its four Florida parks. Disney is also aiming to decrease its emissions by 50 percent by 2020. Further, the new project is expected to cut emissions by 57,000 tons per year.

Disney is no stranger to solar power, it is currently getting some of its energy from its solar farm that lives in the Mickey Mouse structure at the park. This is a solar farm that pulls in five megawatts.

If Disney can power its massive theme parks with solar, imagine what it could do for your home. Now is a better time than ever to get solar installed on your home considering the Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended. If you get solar installed by Dec. 31, you can save 30 percent on your 2018 taxes. Soon, the rebate will drop to 26 percent, so hurry in order to get your installation scheduled before the end of the year.

With solar, you can save money on your monthly electric bill, add value to your home and make a positive impact on the environment. It’s a win all the way around!

If you want to get started with solar today, call us at 916-853-2700 to learn more.

SMUD to raise electricity rates as high as 16 percent

SMUD to raise electricity rates as high as 16 percent

Next summer may hit the pocketbooks of Sacramento area residents hard as SMUD is expected to raise its rates.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the average electric bill could increase as much as 16 percent and higher rates will be on their way between 5 and 8 p.m. during the week – when families use the most electricity. The Bee reports that 57 percent of SMUD’s residential customers will have a higher yearly bill. SMUD claims that winter rates will be lower than summer.

Why not take matters into your own hands and control your electric bill? You can by going solar.

With solar, you don’t have to worry about SMUD raising rates because you can generate your own electricity with the system that is on your roof. For decades, you’ll be generating power and be able to mitigate costly electricity increases.

And now has never been a better time to purchase solar. The Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended, giving you the opportunity to save 30 percent in taxes. As a hardworking taxpayer, you can claim 30 percent of qualified expenditures for the solar setup of your dreams using the Solar Tax Credit. Imagine providing for all your electrical needs, including solar pool heating, for your entire home with the peace of mind that you’ll no longer have to worry about inflated end-of-the-month billing surprises during the summer months. And of course, you’ll also feel good about going green.

The homeowner solar rebate deadline, however, is fast approaching, so don’t wait to act on this once-in-a-life opportunity. When the 30 percent solar tax rebate lapses, it will be reduced to 26 percent.

Solar also adds to the value of your home. A recent study analyzing home pricing trends in various states, including California, found that buyers are willing to pay more for a home with solar panels. According to the study, each watt of solar adds around $4 to a home’s value in California. Hence, a 5 kilowatt (kW) solar system (the national average) would add $20,000 more to a home’s value. In contrast, homes in other states garnered about $3 per watt, so a 5 kilowatt (kW) solar system would add about $15,000 in value.

So, you can add value to your home and take control of your electricity needs at the same time by going solar today.

If you’re interested in solar installation, please contact us at 916-853-2700 to learn more.

Preventing roof damage during solar installations

Preventing roof damage during solar installations

Some homeowners may be concerned with solar panels being installed on their roof when it comes to potential damage.

If you go with the right solar company though, it won’t be a problem.

Aztec Solar has been installing on different kinds of roofs since 1980. We guarantee our craftsmanship work and carry insurance, licenses, and bonds to protect the homeowner.

Here are the steps we take with a tile roof:

  1. We pull the tiling up and put the solar brackets on. Then, we pull the tile back down so the roof is completely protected.
  2. We then put our panels on the racking, which is engineered specifically for your house.
  3. We get building permits from the city and county, and they inspect the system to make sure it is done properly. A permit is then signed off on that you can use for your tax credit.

We don’t leave any holes in your tile, so you don’t need to worry about that! Don’t just take it from us when we talk about the quality of our work though, check out these testimonials:

“This was a very good experience for us from the estimator through the installer. They did what they said they would do and on time. We are very happy with the quality. ” – Mark R.


“I mistakenly gave the install team the wrong paint to paint the pipes. At no additional cost, the install team came out a second time to paint the pipes the correct paint color. I would recommend Aztec Solar to others. Aztec Solar is a local business and it is nice to support local businesses.” – Chris F.

At Aztec Solar, we make solar panels on your roof look good!

Contact Aztec Solar if you have any questions, or wish to discuss options for your home. We are happy to provide you with information to help you make your solar energy decisions.

Give us a call today! (916) 853-2700.

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