Clean energy helped prevent thousands of premature deaths in US

Clean energy saves lives.

New research indicates that the massive increase in wind and solar energy helped prevent the premature deaths of up to 12,700 people over a nine-year period in the United States.

Clean energy means less carbon emissions. A smaller carbon footprint is not just good for the long-term health of the planet, but it also means cleaner air for us today.

According to the Royal College of Physicians, about 40,000 deaths a year are attributed to exposure of air pollution in the UK. Pollution is also associated with a range of illnesses, including caner, asthma, heart disease and obesity.

In the US, some 1,850 premature deaths were avoided in 2015. In addition to saving lives, the increase production of renewable energy was worth between $5.3B and $106.8B in “cumulative climate benefit,” according to researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California

A study conducted by the US Department of Energy shows a significant decline in major air pollutants over the last several years.

Here’s how the reductions break down:

  • Carbon dioxide down 20 percent
  • Sulphur dioxide down 72 percent
  • Nitrogen oxide down 50 percent
  • Tiny particles known as PM2.5 down 46 percent

Those are all significant drop-offs and we hope it continues.

The declines are due to the reduction of fossils fuels, increases to green energy production and tougher emissions regulations. Between 2007 and 2015, solar power and wind grew tenfold, from about 10 gigawatts to 100 gigawatts. That’s a lot of green energy!

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