Renewable energy overtakes coal in power capacity

Every day there is more evidence that solar energy is the future when it comes to generated electricity.

A recent report by the International Energy Agency now shows that solar, along with wind, dominates in the category of electricity generation around the world. Here is an explanation via the report’s summary:

“In 2015, annual renewable electricity capacity growth reached an all-time record at 153 gigawatts (GW), thanks to record additions in both onshore wind (63 GW) and solar photovoltaics (PV) (49 GW). This is equivalent to more than the total cumulative installed power capacity of a country like Canada. For the first time, renewables accounted for more than half of net annual additions to power capacity and overtook coal in terms of cumulative installed capacity in the world.”

Further, approximately a half million solar panels were installed each day worldwide last year, according to Fortune. One of the reasons for the increase was decreasing generation costs. Recent reports by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory show dramatic decreases in the cost of solar, both rooftop and large wholesale purchases.

Now is the time to jump in and be part of the solar movement. Did you know that the Sacramento region is one of the top areas for homes with solar, according to the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE)? According to the CSE, Davis, El Dorado Hills and Rocklin rank in the top 10 California zip codes by percent of homes with solar. Davis comes in second with 1,735 homes with solar, El Dorado Hills comes in fourth with 2,992 homes and Rocklin is in fifth with 1,873 homes.

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