Commercial & Multi Family Housing

Create New Revenue With Solar!

Tenants of commercial and multifamily residential units often pay a half dozen utility bills each month on top of their rent payment. With Aztec Solar, property owners now have the power to take their tenants’ electric bills off the table, while collecting the payment they used to send to the energy company. Tenants enjoy clean energy at no additional cost beyond what they were already paying and building owners profit by charging their tenants for the power they use. It’s a win-win!

It can be difficult for multifamily residential property owners to increase revenue, as rent control regulations often prohibit them from raising tenant rent prices. However, there is a way. Provide those tenants an additional service. Property owners who generate their tenants’ electricity with a Aztec Solar system can legally create a new revenue stream by charging for the new service they provide.
Whether you are a commercial or multifamily residential building owner, your tenants can pay for the benefits of clean energy, without any additional costs, while increasing your monthly revenue. Don’t forget that the 26% federal tax credit and MACRS commercial depreciation rates accelerate investment payback. Contact Aztec Solar today so we can start putting money in your pocket tomorrow.

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