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California Commercial Solar Energy

Since 1980, Aztec Solar has emerged as an industry leader for California commercial solar energy solutions. From systems for small businesses to custom industrial solutions, our knowledge and expertise when it comes to commercial solar applications is unparalleled.

Whether your solar needs are simple or complex, our in-house team of consultants, designers, engineers, and installers will design a cost-effective solution that perfectly meets the needs of your business. Aztec Solar has completed thousands of installations, and we’ve been helping California commercial customers enjoy the savings and convenience of a reliable solar energy system for over 40 years!

Professional Commercial Solar Panel Installers

The installation of commercial solar panels is an investment in your business that begins to save you money right from the very first month. Our systems include an energy storage component that holds energy in reserve for use at peak times when rates are typically higher, thus helping to eliminate demand charges. Every commercial customer’s needs are different, so we use a three-step solution process that includes:

  • Consumption Analysis: A solar specialist will conduct a careful review of your consumption and energy use habits.
  • Solution Design: We’ll maximize your savings with a custom solution designed specifically around the needs of your business.
  • Financing: We offer several highly attractive financing options, including PACE, PPA, leasing, and in-house financing arrangements.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

Lower energy bills are certainly a proven benefit of solar power, but there are other reasons that make commercial solar energy a particularly smart investment:

  • Protection against rising electricity prices
  • Maximum return from a low-risk investment
  • Eligibility for federal tax incentives
  • Savings that start on day one, thanks to flexible financing options
  • Reduction of your business’s carbon footprint

Current tax incentives include:

  • Business Energy Investment Tax Credit – up to 26% of the total cost of the system
  • 100% Bonus Federal Depreciation
  • California State Depreciation

Aztec Solar’s quality products are ranked among the most reliable in the industry, and our commercial solar panel installers have the training and experience they need to ensure every part of your system is installed correctly. Our 25-year warranty provides peace of mind that, in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, your investment will be covered.
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