Net Cost as Low as $7,396*

*Price minus 26% Federal Tax Credit and CSI Thermal Rebate

  1. A closed loop system utilizes a propylene glycol liquid to protect against freezing and hard water. The sun warms liquid in the solar collector on the roof.
  2. The liquid is pumped down to the solar tank where the heat exchange transfers the heat to the domestic water.
  3. As you use hot water in your home, the hot water in the solar tank flows into existing water heater. Because the water is already hot, your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard.
  4. The solar station monitors the temperature of the liquid in the collectors on the roof compared to the water temperature in the solar tank and continues the transfer process until the desired temperature is reached.
  5. The solar hot water is ready for use in the home.
solar water

5 Things to know about solar WATER HEATING

How would you attach panels to my tile roof?
Aztec uses a tile clip that does not penetrate your tile. We simply remove a tile to insert a tile clip which sits on the top lip of a tile. We then reinstall the removed tile. The tile clip is then used to attach our panels to.
Can I install the panels on my patio trellis?
Yes, it is possible to install the panels on your existing patio trellis. Due to the design of the Heliocol panels, we can lay the panels flat on the trellis without the need to tilting the panels up in the air.
How long does the install take?
Typically a system will take one day to install. In some circumstances, it may take a few days depending on the difficulty of the job.
Why is it smart to finance solar?
More and more banks are offering smart loans to lower your payments over longer periods of time. Most systems can be financed with no money down and a payment that is lower than what you are currently paying right now to the Utility company.
What about roof damage?
Aztec Solar has been installing on different kinds of roofs since 1980. We have experience on all roof types. We guarantee our craftsmanship work and carry insurance, licenses and bonds to protect the homeowner.
Some of our solar water heating projects
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