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Why using cell cards instead of Wi-Fi for solar panels is better

Why using cell cards instead of Wi-Fi for solar panels is better

Did you know that many solar and energy monitoring systems use Wi-Fi? And no, it’s not to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Many solar users utilize Wi-Fi to manage their energy use from their smartphones. Energy companies use the data, as well, to track usage and production details. Companies also use the data to keep tabs on performance or troubleshoot. So, a reliable connection is helpful.

But there’s a problem: Wi-Fi connections can be unstable and give rise to security and configuration issues. For example, unreliable Wi-Fi may result in incomplete data or service interruption. In addition, when you use your Wi-Fi to store and monitor data from your energy system, vital personal information is vulnerable. And every now and then, you will have to replace your router. If your home solar system is connected to your Wi-Fi, it’ll have to be reconfigured each time you replace your router, and this can be a headache.

Aztec Solar realizes these potential pitfalls and relies on cell cards instead of Wi-Fi for our solar panels. Doing so ensures that all your data is being captured – even when your Wi-Fi fails you. As a result, our customers experience uninterrupted access to an app or website to view their energy consumption data.

Our cell cards use a popular wireless service provider and we’ve been doing so for 12 years, without an issue.

These cell cards allow your Aztec solar panels to stay off of your Wi-Fi network, and keep your entertainment/business internet use separate, minimizing the chances of service interruptions to your favorite shows or websites.

Let’s face it, Wi-Fi isn’t always reliable, the safest or securest. We believe it’s important to eliminate this potential pitfall by using more secure technology to manage your energy investment.

To learn more about energy solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Join the fight to support fair solar trade

Join the fight to support fair solar trade

You wouldn’t know it based on the tremendous growth of solar energy products and services, but some 88,000 good-paying American jobs are at risk.

The solar predicament stems from a petition that was filed with the International Trade Commission. This action could double the price of solar panels, kill jobs and slow solar growth and clean energy.

If the petitioners get their way, the commission will change trade policy that will result in cost increases. Its consequences will be far reaching as renewable energies like solar account for the majority of new electricity and more than half a million jobs.

The sudden spike in prices take America’s energy economy down a perilous road of job loss and unaffordable energy solutions for your home or business.

Smart policy that promotes growth and competitive prices are necessary for America to build a stronger, cleaner and more reliable energy system — and just as important, preserve good American jobs.

Together, we can make a difference. It starts by supporting green energy and raising your voice on this issue.

We stand with the Solar Energy Industries Association and its effort to engage the trade commission and ultimately, the Trump Administration, to make the right decision about our energy future and American livelihood.

SEIA is active in legal proceedings and is lobbying policymakers and influences in Washington and beyond.

Here’s how you can do your part.

Learn more about the trade commission process here in a blog we posted last month.

Count Dracoala embraces the sun by switching to solar!

Count Dracoala embraces the sun by switching to solar!

Count Dracoala faced a dilemma.

Each month, he opened his utility bill, he noticed the cost of running his electric coffin just got more expensive as time passed, especially during the winter months.

He needed a solution that would free him from his high electricity bills. Romania Utility Co., however, had a monopoly on coal and utility services.

Dracoala loved the dark energy source, but was tired of paying the exorbitant price. It was all he knew and going green and using the sun was unthinkable, and unbecoming of a vampire.

A friend showed him the light, figuratively speaking, and told him about Aztec Solar. And Count Dracoala listened.

He learned that Aztec Solar promises independence from high electricity cost with its innovative solar applications for homes and businesses.

Aztec Solar will even come out to survey your home or castle and provide a fast 28-minute consultation. During this important meeting, you will learn how much money you will save each month.

Count Dracoala, ever-leery of the sun, didn’t even have to step outside or peek through the curtains during the installation process. Good thing, too! Aztec Solar simplified the procedure and customized his solar application to fit his needs using their high-quality solar products.

It didn’t take long for Count Dracoala to realize the benefits of the sun as his energy bill went way down.

If a vampire can count on the sun, so can you!

Our award-winning customer service, industry-leading solar applications and expert solar installers will provide the solutions you need to save money on your monthly energy bill. The savings you’ll enjoy will more than pay for your new solar electricity system. So, if you’re ready to embrace the sun and enjoy a life-time of savings, call us today!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Lower costs of peak pricing this winter with these energy-saving tips

Lower costs of peak pricing this winter with these energy-saving tips

Peak-day pricing is not just for the summer.

Electric companies may impose partial peak pricing for utilities during the winter months as well.

To help alleviate the pain of high prices during these hours, here are some tips for making the most out of your energy during the winter months.

Use the sun!

Obviously, solar energy can power your home year-round. Our creative solutions for your home and business will help you save money each month on your utility bill — and there’s no need to worry about peak day pricing. The cost of your new solar application system will pay for itself as you enjoy low-cost energy no matter the season.

Cover drafty windows

Take advantage of thicker drapes or shades on your home’s windows. If your windows feel drafty, stronger drapes reduce the effects of cold air entering your home.

Adjust the temps

When you’re at home and awake, set your thermostat to the lowest possible temperature that will still be comfortable enough. When you’re asleep or gone, knock it down another 10 degrees — this should reduce your energy costs every year by about 10 percent. Consider programmable thermostats as well.

Lower your water heater

Slightly reduce the temperature on your water heater. This should help reduce your bill.

Go LED for the holidays

Toss out the old-fashion Christmas bulbs. Use holiday lights that use light-emitting diode, or LED to make your home shine.

For more information on adding solar to your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Tariff on solar panels looms — act before prices go up!

Tariff on solar panels looms — act before prices go up!

A new tariff on imported solar modules would nearly double the current rate of foreign-made products that enter the United States. This potential sudden increase worries many across the industry that the hike could jolt consumers with higher prices.

In addition, the Solar Energy Industries Association has come out against the proposed hike because it has the potential of crippling the market. Industry leaders say the increase could damage and tarnish this promising $29 billion segment of the economy.

Some key dates to remember:

  • Dec. 6: Public hearing.
  • Jan. 12: Deadline for President Trump to decide on the hike.

Consumers concerned about the possibility of higher tariffs on solar energy products should act now. There’s a lot on their side that will help them save money.

If you act before Dec. 31, you can take advantage of the 30 percent solar tax credit. This means you can get a tax break on your 2017 taxes. It’s incredible savings and it could not come at a better time.

In addition to the tax break, you can potentially avoid paying higher product and service costs that would result from the solar tariff.

The savings do not stop there. Be sure to ask us about our 2nd Opinion Best Price Guarantee. If you receive a quote you do not like, give us a call. We will evaluate your situation, put together a solar energy package and beat the competitor’s price!

So, act now with these three ways to save before it’s too late!

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