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Solar-powered coating capable of defrosting frozen glass

Solar-powered coating capable of defrosting frozen glass

Recently, researchers from ETH Zurich in Switzerland developed a solar-activated nanoscale-thick coating with the unique ability to absorb sunlight from glass without affecting transparency, making it perfect for defrosting windows.

A paper describing the new ETH Zurich work, titled “Metasurfaces Leveraging Solar Energy for Icephobicity,” was recently published in the journal ACS Nano.

The coating is made from two materials, gold and titanium dioxide, which when combined into a certain thickness, can absorb sunlight and remove or prevent frost from developing on a variety of commercially important substrates, including glass and acrylics.

Researchers are now looking for ways to refine the ultra-thin absorbent nanocoating so it can be cost-effective to mass-produce for commercial materials. New designs aim to achieve more transparency or a higher temperature increase.

This kind of technology could have a significant impact on the future development of windshields, automobiles, aviation, renewable energy generation, and infrastructure. Current de-icing and anti-icing applications rely upon on-site electrical heat generation, chemicals, or mechanical removal. These applications often come with drawbacks, such as financial costs and environmental incompatibility.

However, metasurfaces with embedded plasmonically enhanced light absorption heating with ultrathin hybrid metal-dielectric transparent coatings offer an environmentally compatible solution. Produced on a large scale, cost-effectively, this technology could revolutionize various industries.

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63% of Americans agree with California’s mandate for solar on new homes

63% of Americans agree with California’s mandate for solar on new homes

In California, all newly developed homes are now required to have some form of solar power.

The requirement, which begins to two years from now, requires California builders to either make individual homes available with solar panels, or build a shared solar-power system serving a group of homes.

California often leads the way when it comes to policy changes, and many across the country are wondering how many states are going to follow California and do the same. A new cross-country study by Morning Consult is now showing that 63 percent of Americans support California’s decision.

The study, which polled 2,201 adults, found that 32 percent said they “somewhat” support requiring builders to add solar to new homes and 31 percent “strongly support” such a mandate. Together, that equals 63 percent of support.

On average, California builds 80,000 new homes a year, 15,000 of which have solar installations. At the current rate of home building, the new requirement could increase the annual number of solar installations by a whopping 44 percent.

The California Public Utilities Commission’s strategic plan currently calls for newly constructed homes to have net-zero energy needs by 2020.

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Solar storage bill clears key hurdle in state Assembly

Solar storage bill clears key hurdle in state Assembly

Solar energy storage got a boost recently when a new bill cleared a key hurdle in the state Legislature.

SB 700, which would extend the life of the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) through 2026, passed out of the Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee. The bill would commit the state to $1.3 billion in solar storage incentives.

More than 150 companies and organizations support the bill. SB 700 will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee later in the summer.

Solar energy storage is becoming more important because it provides Californians even more options for saving money and managing energy. It is all about how we’re able to harness and utilize solar energy. As solar energy depends on the sun’s rays, nighttime and cloudy conditions can result in insufficient electricity if there is not a method to store the energy. The most traditional form of storage is a battery, which is being used mostly for short periods to keep the grid stable and not necessarily incorporating the renewable energy into the grid.

The future of solar is ever changing, however, and more storage options are being researched.

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Financing solar energy installation for your home

Financing solar energy installation for your home

Purchasing a solar energy system for your home can be seen as a huge purchase. However, unlike buying a car or renovating your home, it can actually give you money back, which is why it may make sense to finance the installation of a solar energy system.

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Solar panel loans are much like other home improvement loans used to add on a room in your house or install new flooring. Except, unlike other remodels, with a solar loan, you can start saving money on your electricity bills right away.

There are many loan options available for solar customers and some loans offer zero-money-down incentives to allow you to finance the total amount of your solar panel system. You can choose either a secured or unsecured loan, and depending on your credit rating, a wide array of interest rates and loan terms are available.

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Special cash offer on a 3.54 kW DC system!

Special cash offer on a 3.54 kW DC system!

Now is the time to be part of the movement that saves the planet from possible destruction. The more people who install solar, the less traditional forms of energy, such as the burning of fossil fuels will be needed. Installing solar means not only having a positive effect on the environment, it also means reducing your energy bills and increasing your home value. There are also tax credits and rebates that put money back in your pocket, reducing the overall cost of the installation.

Through 2019, you can save up to 30 percent on the cost of installation.

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Running a solar power system derives clean, pure energy from the sun. Traditional electricity is sourced from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas. The burning of fossil fuels has been proven to increase greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases are adversely affecting our atmosphere; it is vitally important that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are mass-produced from our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

Everything on Earth, from humans, to animals, to plants, relies on energy coming from the sun. Approximately half the sunlight reaching Earth’s atmosphere passes through the air and clouds and reaches the surface. Whatever sunlight reaches the surface is then radiated upward in the form of infrared heat. About 90 percent of this heat is then absorbed by the greenhouse gases and stays on the surface, helping to support life on Earth at a relatively comfortable temperature.

Since the industrial age, science has proven an alarming increase carbon dioxide levels, a biproduct of burning fossil fuels. There have also been sharp increases in Methane, Nitrous oxide, Chlorofluorocarbons levels as well. Over time, the cumulative effect of these human-produced activities involving these elements has increased the concentration of gases in the atmosphere, from natural levels to unnatural levels, causing excess heat to become trapped in the atmosphere. It’s this excess heat that has caused dramatic changes in the climate and extreme changes in weather patterns.

Most scientists agree that reducing human reliance on fossil fuels is imperative to reducing greenhouse gases back to natural levels. The burning of coal or oil burning, combined with the clearing of land for agriculture, industry and other human activities has increased concentrations of greenhouse gases. It has taken years for the effects of greenhouse gases to adversely affect our atmosphere – and it will take years to reverse the effect.

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