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Engineers develop tool to share solar power during outages

Engineers develop tool to share solar power during outages

During a storm or a natural disaster, a lot of things can go wrong.

Homes and businesses can lose their electricity during these emergency events when an outage strikes.

While your home or business can generate its own power through solar applications provided by Aztec Solar, that power cannot be put to use during an outrage because devices are powered down out of safety reasons.

Fortunately, engineers are hard at work developing a new tool that will sidestep these concerns by not only providing power to your home, but allowing you to share it with others.

A new set of algorithms makes it possible. This can be a life-saving feature during catastrophic events and recovery efforts.

Aztec Solar knows the power of solar energy. Our customers feel the freedom of generating their own power and even getting rebates for generating extra power. Even so, homes and businesses are subject to restrictions of the grid.

While some technologies exist today that will allow you to extract power from solar electricity systems during an emergency, the technology is not available at a large scale for community-wide impact.

Here’s how the algorithm would work:

  • Homes are disconnected from the grid (for safety concerns).
  • Homes will share power from their renewable energy resources.
  • System reliability could increase by up to 35 percent.

Algorithms will prioritize energy distribution and will take into account other factors such as weather forecasts and available and projected energy storage.

Homes can be individually furnished with the necessary hardware to make this a reality, or, like some prefer, the new technology can be installed and shared at a community scale.

There are other hurdles, too. Regulations at the state and federal level would need to be adjusted for this system to get off the ground.

If you’re interested in taking the first steps, contact Aztec Solar today to learn about solar technologies for your home or business.

Customer shares incredible experience with Aztec Solar

Customer shares incredible experience with Aztec Solar

Our tremendous staff here at Aztec Solar, from the install crew to our sales reps, do a great job that sometimes goes under the radar. There’s a lot of behind-the scenes work that we do for our customers, who are hungry for smart energy solutions in their homes and business.

One of our recent customers, Ed, sent us some feedback that illustrates the hard work everyone puts in to get the job done right.

Ed starts by complimenting our sales rep because he made a good first impression. Then, the customer noted something interesting: that he received multiple bids that were all over the map. This should not happen. While we offer our 2nd Opinion Best Price Guarantee, there shouldn’t be massive differences in pricing. This tell us that the customer is either getting more than he or she needs, or not getting an adequate system. Aztec Solar will ensure you get exactly what you need at the best market price!

“Lloyd (sales rep) did the best job explaining what their company would offer,” our customer wrote to us. “What products they were recommending, why they were using the suppliers they use, what to expect in regards to system performance, and what kind of time frame to expect regarding installation. He even pointed us toward a lender that offered a reasonable financing rate for our project.”

Our customer noted that he was unable to find a better rate elsewhere!

Here’s a little more from the review:

“The installers were very professional and very helpful with answering questions about what they were doing and how long it would take. They were also very prompt, arriving as expected every day.”

We take pride in providing this kind of service each day. For more than 35 years, we’ve been Sacramento’s leading solar installer and we’ve done it with award-winning customer service, top-notch installations and great products. We are proud of what we do. And we hope you will give us a chance to tell you about the life-time of savings you’ll enjoying by going with us.

To learn more and to see if you’re ready, please download our exclusive Free Solar Buyer’s Guide. It offers important tips and information you need to know before going solar.

Sun shows its strength during solar flare – so why not harness it?

Sun shows its strength during solar flare – so why not harness it?

From the massive hurricanes, earthquake in Mexico and the Great American Solar Eclipse, we’ve witnessed the power, beauty and magnitude of Mother Nature in a short span of time.

Another event, called an X-class solar flare, fits right in with the trend.

A powerful sun explosion fired off the sun last week, the most intense flare recorded in more than a decade, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The waves were so strong, they took out high-frequency radios and caused blackouts and loss of contact for some communication systems 93 million miles away from Earth.

Flares occur on the sun’s surface when its magnetic fields twist and reconnect to the surface, pushing energy outward into space.

The sun’s capabilities and power are hard to grasp, but undeniable. The sun’s core can reach more than 27 million degrees. The sun is in a state of nuclear fusion as hydrogen atoms compress and fuse into one to create helium. This process creates huge amounts of energy, too.

Luckily, here on Earth, we can harness the sun’s energy to power our homes, businesses and heat our water supplies for a variety of home uses. There are a lot of possibilities — and we are just beginning to unlock the full potential.

We continually discover new technologies that make solar solutions more efficient, less expensive, lighter and more accessible. There’s truly been no better time than now to make the switch because costs have come down. In addition, the savings you’ll enjoy will more than cover your current costs, so you can feel good about financing your new solar install.

Aztec Solar is also proud to offer its 2nd Best Price Match Guarantee. Here’s how it works: If you’re quoted a price you do not like, let us give you our consultation for the same work and we’ll beat the price. It’s that simple.

If you are wondering about the best ways to harness the sun’s energy at your home or business, be sure to download our Solar Buyers Guide today!

As triple-digit heat continues, utility bills soar

As triple-digit heat continues, utility bills soar

It was yet another triple-digit weekend and this holiday offered no reprieve from Northern California’s summer heat.

The last few weeks in the Sacramento area have been miserable — and expensive.

If you’re like many in the region, you dreaded opening your utility bill for August. We don’t blame you. Utility bills rose earlier this year by substantial amounts, and people with traditional electricity services felt the aftershocks of higher billing this summer, and once again in the latter weeks of August. September is likely to be another one for the record books. At last check, temperatures will remain in the upper to mid 90s through Friday. Ouch!

Imagine how much money you could have saved if you made the switch to solar before the beginning of summer.

Not only are you freeing yourself from increasing utility costs, but the money you save from switching will more than pay for your new solar power application. It’s a total win-win.

In addition, Aztec is proud to offer our 2nd Opinion Best Price Guarantee so you can secure further savings. Here’s how it works: If you are quoted by one of our competitors, let us give you a second opinion about your options. If you like what we have to say, we will provide the products and services at a lower price.

You can trust us to deliver not only on excellent pricing, but award-winning services, too. We’ve been the Sacramento region’s solar pioneer for more than 30 years through our industry-leading products and customer service. We also know that each solar application is part of a bigger solution toward a brighter and healthier planet.

If you’re ready to free yourself from high energy cost and be part of the forward-thinking movement known as clean energy, be sure to give us a call or download our Free Solar Buyers Guide today.

Audi is working on a solar-powered sunroof

Audi is working on a solar-powered sunroof

Solar panels belong on your home’s roof — but why stop there?

As industry leaders and pioneers, all of us here at Aztec Solar like to keep up with the latest innovations in residential, commercial and other solar applications in order to bring the best products and services to our customers in the Sacramento region.

We also pay attention to other solar-related solutions and this one caught our eye.

Audi is partnering up with the maker of an ultra-thin and flexible solar cell to bring the power of solar energy to a new generation of vehicles with a solar-powered sunroof. Audi’s integration of solar cells into the car’s “panoramic glass roof” is only the beginning. The company envisions an entire solar car roof surface that can supply power to systems like air-conditioning or seat heaters.

By using solar energy on cars, manufacturers can focus on pumping more clean energy into the engine and other critical systems, boosting a car’s efficiency and range. This is just another example of how solar boosts energy efficiency in our everyday lives. From our homes, business and now vehicles, the power and benefits of solar are undeniable.

If you’re wondering about the multiple uses of solar energy for your home or business, like full electric systems, water applications or solar pool heating, be sure to visit our homepage.

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