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3 questions about solar batteries answered

3 questions about solar batteries answered

Recent unplanned power outages by PG&E across Northern California have unnerved countless business owners and families.

The inconvenience and stress brought upon thousands of customers have led many to rethink the future of their electricity consumption. Solar power and solar batteries are on top of the list of solutions.

If this is something you’ve thought about, you may have some bigger picture questions about solar batteries.

Here are three things you may have wondered about.

Do I have to have solar batteries if I have solar panels?

No, you can have solar panels with no solar battery. A solar battery just allows you to store excess energy created by your panels for use at another time. This can include at night, or during a power shutoff.

Solar batteries simply expand your ability to utilize more of the power your panels create. In the event of a utility shutdown, you will be able to utilize your solar system to power your backup load panel and your battery for use at night. Solar without a battery storage option would eliminate the use of energy production during a utility power shutdown.

Is this a long-term solution?

Global demand for battery storage is expected to reach nearly 3,000 gigawatts by 2040.

To put that in perspective: At that capacity, nearly half of the renewable energy consumed today would be able to be stored.

How large of a solar battery do I need?

This will largely depend on the type of solar system you have at your home or business. The size of the battery should align with the amount of power your system can generate. To determine this, we will examine your electricity usage over several months and see how much power your solar panels are sending back to the utility grid. Typically, the customer will select a handful of items in their home to backup (called an essential load panel). This includes circuits for a refrigerator, freezer, some lights and the outlet for your internet modem.

You can be at the forefront of this emerging technology. For nearly four decades, Aztec Solar has been leading the way in providing our customers with state-of-the-art solar energy solutions and award-winning customer service. Whether you want to install a solar electricity system within your home or business, we are committed to meeting your energy needs, whatever they may be.

Remember, when you install a battery storage system and combine it with solar power, you will have the peace of mind that you can avoid shutoffs to your home or business.

Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Protect yourself from unexpected power shutoffs

Protect yourself from unexpected power shutoffs

In the days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, thousands of homes and businesses in Northern California were blacked out, and many more are wondering if it may happen to them soon. It is part of a plan by PG&E to prevent power lines from sparking wildfires as the region experienced windy conditions.

You can use PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff tool to find out if your service might be impacted during a shutoff event. By inputting your address, you can learn more about potential shutoffs around you. PG&E will call, text or email you if a blackout is expected in your area.

The latest power shutoff led to the discovery of four instances of weather-related damages that could have led to wildfires, according to PG&E. And the next shutoff may happen at any time. More gusty conditions and possible red flag warnings are expected Monday night in some areas.

While we can all understand the necessity of these planned power outages, they are no less inconvenient and stressful. Being left in the dark for an unknown amount of time can cause a host of problems for homes and businesses alike.

That is why many of our customers have put the power back into their hands by turning to solar battery storage to shield themselves from the unpredictability and unreliability of traditional power sources.

Combined with solar panels on the roof of your home or business, a solar battery stores excess energy that can be used after sunset or in the event of a blackout.

When you install a battery storage system, you’ll be bypassing shutoffs to your home or business. Solar batteries are effective and bring you peace of mind that you will not be without electricity.

Aztec Solar has provided excellent products and services to Northern California customers for nearly 40 years. We are committed to meeting the needs of homes and business owners by offering multiple top-quality residential and commercial solar products.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff make you the top priority and will design and install a solar solution that is affordable, good for the environment and reliable no matter what.

Solar workforce programs will connect Veterans to exciting careers

Solar workforce programs will connect Veterans to exciting careers

Two major workforce development programs involving solar technology will connect military Veterans who are transitioning into new careers.

The Solar Foundation hopes to provide career training, professional development and jobs to servicemembers within the solar industry in a partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s “Hiring Our Heroes” program and other organizations and initiatives, such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The Solar Ready Vets Fellowship Program and the Solar Opportunities and Readiness Initiative will be funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

We cannot be prouder to enlist Veterans to fill the great need for skilled and experienced solar technology professionals. Their contribution to this growing and important industry will provide strong leadership and technical competencies, which will be invaluable in meeting today’s growing demand for both talent and services in expanding solar markets.

We’re excited that hundreds of service members will undergo 12-week learning programs with solar employers to aid them in their transition into our industry. They are in for a jolt of excitement and activity. We know first-hand how many people across the greater Sacramento region are turning to solar to meet their residential and business electricity needs.

As costs of solar applications continue to fall, and with the availability of federal solar tax credits (30 percent until Jan. 1, 2020), more and more people and businesses have access to residential and commercial solar that can power their entire home/building, or can be segmented to provide hot water or heat swimming pools.

At Aztec Solar, we’ve had the pleasure of working with more than 10,000 customers across the region. Our award-winning customer service and expertise are bringing affordable and clean energy into homes and businesses. Our energy solutions are exceeding our customers’ expectations through their cost-savings, satisfaction of reliable solar energy solutions, and the peace of mind that their decision is also good for the future of our planet.

We know what kind of people and talent it takes to be the leading solar energy provider in the region — and we welcome this new group of individuals who will undoubtedly follow in that tradition.

Don’t worry about losing power with solar batteries

Don’t worry about losing power with solar batteries

If you had your power shut off due to PG&E’s recent blackouts, you may be getting some money back from the utility company.

That is because the company is crediting a total of $90 million to its customers for the shutoffs in October. According to The Sacramento Bee, the average credit that customers will receive on their bills is $122, which will be given to around 738,000 of the businesses and residents impacted.

While the credit may be nice for those who were impacted, or may be impacted in the future, money may not alleviate some of the inconvenience and stress that having the power off in their home or business for an extended amount of time can cause. This is why many of our customers are deciding to turn to solar, specifically solar battery storage, to protect against power shutoffs.

A solar battery, when combined with solar panels, is able to store excess energy produced that can be used at night or during a power outage. A battery storage system will allow you to utilize your solar once the utility power shuts down. The solar will power your essential electrical loads and power the battery to be used at night. Without a battery system, your solar will be shut off to protect the utility workers who are working on the lines to restore power.

Solar batteries can be implemented with either residential solar or commercial solar systems.

If you are interested in going solar to guard yourself against power shutoffs, you can trust Aztec Solar to get the job done right. That is because we have almost 40 years of experience doing solar and only solar in the Sacramento region. Our top-notch customer service, quality products and professional installers will make your solar experience a good one.

Contact us today with any questions.

Solar batteries allow Sacramento residents, businesses to protect against power shutoffs

Solar batteries allow Sacramento residents, businesses to protect against power shutoffs

If you live in the Sacramento region and haven’t experienced a power shut off recently, chances are you might in the future.

That is because PG&E continues to shut down the power to residents and businesses across the state to try to mitigate wildfire risk. Around 1.1 million of the utility company’s customers were impacted by the most recent round of power shutoffs.

Some went hours and even days without power, which can severely affect how someone lives or how a business functions. Because of this, many homeowners and business owners across the region are putting their power production in their own hands by utilizing a solar battery, combined with solar panels.

A solar battery is able to hold the excess electricity that solar panels generate instead of that energy being sent back out to the utility grid. When the solar battery is full, only then does excess power go back to the grid. The stored power can then be utilized during a power outage or at night.

This is why so many people are turning to solar batteries to protect themselves against PG&E shutoffs.

At Aztec Solar, we have been doing solar and only solar in the Sacramento region for nearly four decades, and are proud to be able to deliver a natural resource that helps residents with rooftop solar panels and businesses with commercial solar.

If you have any questions about going solar, or how solar batteries work, make sure to contact us today.

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