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More than 300 communities across the U.S. are now considered solar-friendly

More than 300 communities across the U.S. are now considered solar-friendly

Solar power is growing exponentially because of its tremendous potential to save money and the environment.

To date, more than 300 local governments have reached national benchmarks that encourage solar power use.

SolSmart, a national program, helps municipalities with strategies that make it easier, faster and more affordable for others to make renewable energy a part of everyday life.

Those areas designated by the program have met criteria to prove that they are streamlining local procedures to ensure families and small businesses can easily implement solar energy solutions.

Aztec Solar wants to congratulate Sacramento and Davis for being named as designated cities. We cannot be prouder of their commitment to making the benefits of solar energy accessible to all its residents.

Go here to see the map of designees, which include cities, counties, small towns and regional organizations across the United States.

As the regional leader for solar installs in Northern California, we can help you realize your vision for solar energy for your home or business. We offer a free, no-pressure solar consultation. Our 28-minute consultation will inform you about your options and how a new solar electricity system can pay for itself, lower your monthly bill and bring you the gratification of going green.

If you’re thinking about heating your swimming pool, or your entire home or business, we are ready for the task. With more than 10,000 happy customers across Northern California, we are confident we can earn your business and trust.

Aztec Solar is home to smart solar energy solutions that meet the energy needs of residential, commercial, industrial and government entities. Please ask us today how we can work together on a solar application designed just for you.

Target and Walmart compete for solar panel supremacy

Target and Walmart compete for solar panel supremacy

Walmart or Target? The debate has escalated to new levels between the two major retailers.

Instead of dueling it out for the top shopping destination, Walmart and Target are competing for top environmental corporation.

Target is aiming to equip 25 percent of its nearly 2,000 stores with clean, renewable energy. The company began to invest in solar energy in 2011 and added panels to 150 stores by 2015. Today, that number has tripled.

Walmart set a long-term goal of using 100 percent of renewable energy at its stores. By 2025, the company hopes to be at 50 percent of that goal.

Target and Walmart are not alone in the corporate world. Google, Apple, Home Depot and other major companies have aggressively invested in renewable energy. Combined, they have purchased three times as much power from renewable sources last year from the prior year.

Companies are getting serious about a brighter future and creating jobs – and clean energy is at the center of it all.

As Northern California’s leading solar power company, we know how much small business owners and homeowners value solar energy. It’s apparent as the demand for solar energy installs from small and large companies alike continues to climb.

Residents and business owners across the region are also eager to take advantage of the generous 30 percent tax credit for their own solar projects. In 2020, this solar tax credit will decrease, and it may disappear entirely in just a few years.

By committing to solar energy today, you can enjoy all the benefits of tomorrow: Lower monthly bills, a longer swim season when you decide to use solar energy to heat your pool and the lasting legacy of clean energy are all things you are set to gain when you become a solar power consumer.

Contact us today to learn about commercial solar energy solutions. We are 100 percent committed to meeting your energy needs – no matter how big or small.

Solar for your home is bigger, less expensive and as efficient as ever

Solar for your home is bigger, less expensive and as efficient as ever

A report by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that median-size solar energy systems are increasing, are becoming more efficient and are more affordable than ever.

Module efficiencies increased from 12.7 percent in 2002, to almost 18.5 percent last year. This leap represents a 45 percent increase in efficiency. The report also found that residential and non-residential systems alike increased in power output as well, with a majority of the expansion occurring in just recent years.

Other notable highlights include:

  • Inverter load ratios are increased because prices continue to fall.
  • Energy installs are being installed more effectively.
  • Solar plus storage is growing in capacity. The majority of permits used for some projects, such as those in Hawaii, included storage.
  • Scale matters: Largest residential projects provided the greatest bang for the buck

As more and more homeowners and business leaders turn to solar power systems, we hope you will do the same. Lower prices, higher efficiencies are big reasons for market growth and its widening.

And with solar tax credits set to decline next year, and possibly soon disappear, there may be no better time to take advantage of all the benefits solar provides.

When you decide to work with Aztec Solar, you’re teaming up with a company that’s delivered on the promise of clean energy to thousands of customers across Northern California for decades. Our solar solutions can meet your needs at home or at your business. Whether you’re thinking about in-house solar water heating, pool heating, or a comprehensive commercial solar system, Aztec Solar will work with you to achieve your goals for the short and long term.

And, when you turn to solar, you become active in a bigger solution that will pave the way for a brighter future and stronger planet.

How to take advantage of the solar tax credit before it’s too late

How to take advantage of the solar tax credit before it’s too late

Over the years, there’s been a boom to the use of solar energy thanks in large part to a tax credit, which could soon be winding down for good.

Since 2006, when the Investment Tax Credit was enacted, solar energy consumption in the United States has soared, as the industry grew by 10,000 percent.

Not only did it create hundreds of thousands of jobs, but it made solar energy for homes and small businesses as accessible as ever.

Today, the tax credit lets people deduct 30 percent of the value of any installed solar project, but the credit will soon sunset.

While advocates are pushing for a second solar tax credit extension (Congress passed a multi-year extension in 2015), it’ll drop in just a few months and then completely disappear within a few years.

Here at Aztec Solar, we understand the urgency you may have to jump on this incredible cost-savings opportunity. In just 9 seconds, we can tell you how much you will save when you decide to invest in solar.

By taking a moment to tell us about your current monthly bill, whether this is for your home or business, and just a few other details, we can begin the process of building your energy solution.

As your regional solar experts, you can expect award-winning customer service and multiple top-quality solar products and technologies to fit your needs and budget. Because of our approach, we’ve built trust with more than 10,000 customers across Northern California – and we are eager to earn yours.

Whatever your needs and goals, we have a solar solution for you. And for just a few more months, you can take advantage of our services and look forward to a generous tax break and a lifetime of month-to-month savings on your electricity bill.

Utility solar pipeline reaches record high

Utility solar pipeline reaches record high

Solar energy has reached another historic goal: The industry now has the largest pipeline of solar projects ever.

This promising news means the prospects for solar development have never been as strong.

The latest news from the U.S. Solar Market Insight Report indicates that the increase of contracted pipeline for solar project equates to 37.9 gigawatts. Procurement of solar projects in 2018 was 15 gigawatts, making this year’s amount a giant leap forward.

As a trusted leader for thousands of solar power customers across the Sacramento region, we know you can also jump on this exciting trend. The promise of reliable, inexpensive and renewable energy that’s good for your pocketbook and our future is an unbeatable package.

And the word is spreading.

In addition to the impressive amounts of solar energy that will soon be added to the grid at a utility-scale, residential deployment is also on the rise this year. Simply put, solar is the lowest-cost option for utilities, corporation and families.

Leading the way are companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and others that made strong commitments in announcing their plans for commercial solar power use. Furthermore, the increase of procurement resulted from the economic competitiveness with other sources of energy. And it’s clear which is coming out on top.

If you’re ready to go solar and join this movement of solar energy, be sure to contact us today. We can tell you how you’ll enjoy amazing savings each month on your utility bill. And how a new solar install can provide hot water for your entire home, or provide the heating source for the swimming pool. We look forward to working with you on a customized solar solution that saves you money and is good for the planet.

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