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What is Net Energy Metering (NEM)?

NEM is a special billing arrangement that provides credit to customers with solar PV systems for the full retail value of the electricity their system generates. Over a 12-month period, the customer has to pay only for the net amount of electricity used from the utility over-and-above the amount of electricity generated by their solar system (in addition to monthly customer transmission, distribution, and meter service charges they incur).

Solar Electricity


Solar Electricity
The Feature The Advantage
No Moving Parts No maintenance is needed over the life of the system.
Online Monitoring Keep your mind at ease that your solar system is working at its best at all times.
Net Metering Gain credits from the utility company when you produce more electricity than you need for the home.

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5 Things to know about solar electric
Is my home right for solar?
Homes with an open roof space facing south, west or southwest are usually good candidates for solar. Also a roof that is not shaded will give you the highest yielding production from your solar system. A southern roof with little to no shade is the best scenario, but variations of this will work also.
Will my property tax increase?

Solar upgrades will not increase your property taxes. However, many homeowners with solar have experienced an increased appraisal value because homes with energy efficiency upgrades are selling between 7-20% more than a home without upgrades.

How long do solar systems last?

Solar products are now covered with 25 year production warranties and a standard 10 year product warranty on the modules. Inverter warranties vary from 10 years to 25 years. Some inverters offer extended warranties. Solar electric technology has been around for 50 years and with no moving parts they are virtually maintenance free and have a life expectancy of 25+ years.

Why is it smart to finance solar?

More and more banks are offering smart loans to lower your payments over longer periods of time. Most systems can be financed with no money down and a payment that is lower than what you are currently paying right now to the Utility company.

What about roof damage?

Aztec Solar has been installing on different kinds of roofs since 1980. We have experience on all roof types. We guarantee our craftsmanship work and carry insurance, licenses and bonds to protect the homeowner.

Some of our Solar Electric Projects
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