Commercial SOLAR Water Heating


Decrease your gas consumption by pre-heating water heaters and boilers with solar heated water

Commercial Solar Water Heating – How It Works

Step 1: The sun heats up liquid in a roof-installed solar collector.

Step 2: That liquid flows to a solar tank where the heat is moved to the domestic water. This is called a heat exchange.

Step 3: As hot water is used throughout a facility the hot water collected in the solar tanks pushes into the water heater, and because this water has already been heated up your main water heater doesn’t have to use as much energy to produce hot water.

Step 4: There is a solar station that tracks the temperature of the collector liquid and compares it to the temperature of the water in the solar tank.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Solar Water Heating

Is solar water heating right for my business?

A solar water heating system will be beneficial if you have a central water heater or boiler heating hot water for your facility. Industries with large gas heating bills such as multi-family apartments, hotels, dormitory’s, and industrial process heating are perfect situations to save.

Can you finance commercial solar water heaters?

Aztec works with several banks and PACE providers to bring a financing option that works for our clients.

Are there any rebates available?

Yes, the CSI Thermal program allows for generous rebates to be paid to businesses who install solar water heating systems to help lower the overall initial costs of install. If you are a PG&E, Sol Cal Gas or SDG&E customer, you will qualify. Solar water heating also can use the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

How long will the system last?

A properly maintained system can last up to 25-30 years

Should I be concerned about damages to the roof?

Our installers are some of the best in the industry and take precautions to try to avoid damages on the roof during installations. We have been installing solar water heaters since 1980, and have experience with a variety of different roof styles. On top of this, we guarantee the work we do and also hold licenses, insurance and bonds to protect the business owner.


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