Large communities, schools, government agencies, municipalities and military organizations have found one of the most significant ways to reduce their bottom line is to “go solar”. 

Some government agencies report that energy expenditures can be their second largest expense each month. Installing solar can reduce energy costs – helping to reduce your bottom line – so you can focus on more important things. We work with organizations like police stations, water districts, school districts, libraries, convention centers and more to support their communities through serious cost savings.

Bring efficiencies to your organization

Aztec Solar’s services are comprehensive, innovative and 100% customizable. Our panels are efficient, reliable, and durable. And, when you partner with Aztec Solar, you are reinvesting in your local community by choosing a California-based company.

Our team of solar experts knows how to navigate each unique challenge your organization may have. Each project is individually designed to meet your needs and maximize your return on investment.


Solar Benefits

  • Significant savings on your utility bill.
  • Provide clean, sustainable electricity.
  • Protect your organization from rising energy costs.
  • Reduce carbon footprint to help reach sustainability goals.

Support more than just your bottom line

Ongoing state and local financial challenges can lead to uncertainty about the future of important community programs. Solar is a proactive approach to reducing your organization’s bottom line long-term. With net energy metering (NEM) in California, your organization can “bank” your solar panel’s overproduction, which could pay for costs against other budget line items in the future. Here in California, NEM is particularly beneficial in capturing additional energy during the hot, sunny summer and applying it against utility bills in winter when not as much solar energy is produced.

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