Solar Installation Steps

Our detailed utility analysis including all the steps from pre-purchase to solar array design, engineering, solar installation and connecting to the grid allows you to make an educated decision as to whether solar is the right fit for your operation.


  • Research your historical energy usage
  • Determine the right amount of energy to offset
  • Model the available utility rate schedules to optimize your investment
  • Assess space available for solar panels
  • Conservatively calculate your projected savings


  • Finalize the design of your solar panels system
  • Engineering solar project
  • Pull all permits required


  • Commercial capabilities — including large industrial systems
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Hire experienced subcontractors that are specialists in their respective trades. Our experience is that it’s best to have specialists on the team. A roofer is best at sealing a roof; an electrician is best at making the electrical connections
  • Clear all inspections


  • Working with your utility provider to connect your solar panels system to the electrical utility grid
  • Timely assistance with the above so you can start saving ASAP
  • Reviewing the system with you to understand how everything is connected
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