Maximize Your Savings: Current CA Solar Incentives for 2024

Wondering how California solar incentives can reduce your solar installation costs in 2024? Here’s an overview of the available state and federal incentives and rebates, and how to qualify for them.

Key Takeaways

  • California sweetens the deal for residents to adopt solar power with various incentives including a notable property tax exclusion for solar system installations, benefits for low-income families and solar storage programs.
  • The Residential Clean Energy Credit allows eligible homeowners to claim a 30% tax credit for qualified solar installation costs until 2035, with any excess credit being applicable to the next tax year.
  • The value of going solar in California is significant, with the payback period for solar panel installations averaging 9-12 years. The advantages include enhanced property values, increased energy independence and contributing to a healthier environment.

California Incentives: Why Go Solar?

California is leading the charge toward a solar-powered future by offering a variety of solar incentives. From tax credits and exemptions to programs targeting disadvantaged communities, the state is making solar energy accessible to all, including those serviced by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) utility company and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

The exemption from property tax for active solar energy systems is particularly notable. It helps ensure that your property taxes will remain unaffected by the installation of solar panels until January 1, 2025. The idea of tapping into solar energy benefits without the concern of an increased property tax is undeniably appealing.

In addition to its incentives for solar energy storage systems, net metering, and installations geared towards low-income families in disadvantaged communities,  California provides a 20% discount on community solar energy through the Community Solar Green Tariff program for residents in low-income, disadvantaged areas. The goal of this initiative is to improve the affordability and accessibility of renewable energy for residents in the local area. Furthermore, the federal solar tax credit, also called the Residential Clean Energy Credit, offers a 30% tax credit for eligible solar installation expenses until 2035.

Federal Solar Tax Credit Explained

In the midst of California’s many solar perks, don’t overlook the federal solar tax credit. Known as the Residential Clean Energy Credit, this incentive offers a 30% tax credit for qualifying solar installation expenses until 2035. With solar incentives tax credits available, it’s a great time to consider going solar.

But who qualifies for this credit? Eligibility is based on the following criteria from the federal government:

  • Solar equipment installation is required to occur within the timeframe from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2034
  • The equipment must be brand new or utilized for the first time
  • The taxpayer must own the solar system

So whether you live in a house, apartment or a manufactured home that conforms to federal government standards, this credit could be yours.

State-Level Solar Incentives in California

The state offers additional solar incentives that cater to specific needs. For example, the DAC-SASH program is aimed at increasing solar adoption in disadvantaged communities and offers up to $3 per watt in incentives, providing financial savings and green job training in specific utility territories.

Another popular solar offering is the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), which provides rebates for solar battery installations. With rebates varying from $150 to $1,000 per kilowatt-hour, SGIP is designed to have solar customers serve as a backup during power outages and peak demand periods.

In addition, the Equity Resiliency tier of SGIP is specifically designed for residents in high-fire threat districts or others with certain conditions and has the potential to cover all solar project costs in full.

Local Incentives and Rebates

While state and federal incentives are great, local solar incentives and rebates in California provide an extra layer of financial support. Offered by cities, municipalities and utility companies, they can vary greatly across different regions in the state.

Programs like SMUD battery storage rebates are just one example of the tailored incentives available, including solar rebates. Some of the programs offer rebates on installation costs or permitting fees, while others provide grant money for eligible customers, and some even facilitate solar installations at zero upfront cost.

The best part is that these incentives can be combined with California’s state-level programs and the federal tax credit, leading to substantial solar savings for California residents.

Benefits of Going Solar in California

Going solar in California provides advantages that surpass mere cost savings. Solar panels have the power to increase the value of your home, positioning them as a smart investment for homeowners.

Beyond financial gains, transitioning to solar power also enhances your energy independence. By installing solar panels and solar battery storage systems, you maintain a consistent power supply, even in the event of local grid outages. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted power, regardless of the situation.

Moreover, embracing solar power and solar systems has a profound environmental impact. Solar energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, leading to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Is Solar Worth the Investment in California?

Considering all of these incentives, rebates and benefits, you may still question the actual worth of investing in solar power in California. In short, solar panel installation and investments typically pay for themselves in four to ten years, due to the state’s high electricity rates.

Even with the changes brought about by NEM 3.0, the value of solar investments in California remains high, particularly when including storage batteries to store unused solar electricity.

Of course, the suitability of a home solar system depends on personal electricity usage, roof condition, sun exposure and overall system costs. Still, a solar power system remains a worthwhile investment in California due to the combination of financial savings, sustainable living improvements and aggressive green energy incentives.

Choosing the Right Solar Company in California

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Going solar in Sacramento can be a rewarding journey. With a plethora of advantages at the federal, state and local levels, investing in solar energy undoubtedly leads to significant financial savings, increased home value and energy independence.

Even amidst the shifts in net metering and the initial expenses of solar installations, the lasting effects and the positive environmental impact paint solar energy as a truly worthwhile investment. And with Aztec Solar by your side, your transition to solar energy can be a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Choose Aztec Solar for your trusted partner in your solar journey. Experience the difference with our unmatched expertise, dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction, all while you help the environment, lower your carbon footprint and save money.

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