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Battery energy storage builds facility resiliency by detecting outages and providing reliable power under the most demanding conditions. Unlike gasoline generators, battery storage keeps critical energy without the upkeep, fuel costs, fuel storage or noise.

Bridging the gap between renewable and conventional power generation.

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  • Why solar energy now?
  • Understanding your electric bill
  • Your facility with solar energy and battery storage
  • How solar and energy storage benefits commercial customers
  • Reducing demand and consumption charges with battery storage
  • How consumption monitoring gives clear insight into energy usage
  • Pairing PV Solar with Electric Vehicle charging
  • Pairing PV Solar with Multi-Family Affordable Housing
  • Am I receiving a fair price?
  • What solar companies are not telling you about your tax credit

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Why Go With Aztec Solar For Your Commercial Solar Needs?

We have more than 40 years of experience serving customers across California, meeting all commercial, residential, government, and industrial needs. Our customers appreciate us because we are professional, have superior products, turn-key installations. We pride ourselves on our unique hands-on style of customer service.


NEM delivers credit to a solar customer for the value that the customer’s solar system generates. This takes place via a special billing arrangement with the utility company. Essentially, over a year, the customer pays just for the amount of electricity used above the amount created from the solar system. This is on top of any distribution, meter service and transmission charges that the utility company may apply.

5 Things You Should Know About Commercial Solar

Is solar right for my business?

Do you pay for electricity? Yes?

You most expensive option is to do NOTHING. With utility rates increasing, as long as the sun comes up you will be able to generate your own generated electricity. Facilities with an open roof area that faces southwest, west or south are generally ideal candidates for commercial solar. Additionally, we can build shaded parking structures or ground mounted systems to help produce the highest level solar production for your needs.

How long will the solar system last?

If this has you concerned, it should put your mind at ease to know that our solar products come with up to a 25-year production warranty for panels and inverters. Additionally, commercial solar products have no moving parts and are generally maintenance-free devices with an expected lifespan of 25 years.

Do I risk my property taxes going up?

A commercial solar installation won’t increase what you pay in property taxes. However, you may see an increased appraisal value of your facility because adding commercial solar should boost your property value, with some increases reaching as high as 20 percent.

Should I finance commercial solar?

Banks are offering loans for solar that lower payments over a long period of time. Some of these loans even require no down payment, and the monthly payment may even be lower than what you currently pay the utility company for energy consumption.

Should I be concerned about damages to the roof?

Our installers are some of the best in the industry and take precautions to try to avoid damages on the roof during installations. We have been installing solar panels since 1980, and have experience with a variety of different roof styles. On top of this, we guarantee the work we do and also hold licenses, insurance and bonds to protect the business owner.

Some of our Solar Electric Projects
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