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At Aztec Solar, leadership is our middle name

Solar business has been all over the news recently, highlighting the successes of many green and sustainable businesses in our Sacramento region.

Winter is prime time for solar!

Did you know your solar panels can actually perform better during the winter? That's thanks to the cooler weather, enabling the panels to perform better, according to SFGate.

Is Your Home Really Too Shaded for Solar?

A pretty well known hindrance to solar panels is shade. Currently, Google Earth has the ability to project how much energy can be produced in any California home using their satellite technology. However, what Google doesn't consider is the varied times of day and atmospheric conditions that can greatly affect shade on our roofs, where most residential solar installs are made.

Thank You

At Aztec Solar, we appreciate every one of our customers. It has been our pleasure to serve the Sacramento area for over thirty years, and we know that we owe you, our customers, for our success.

How Solar Panels Work

If you’re like us, you like to know how things work. You tinker with things, enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together. Ever been curious about how solar panels work? You aren’t alone, so that’s why we’re simplifying the process for you, so you can have a better understanding of this amazing process, thanks to

Giving thanks to our customers

It’s that time of year when we start to reflect on what we are truly thankful for. For us at Aztec Solar, we are thankful for our longstanding relationship with the community here in Sacramento and our amazing customers, whose testimonials not only drive our business, but give us the encouragement to continue in our desire to offer the best technology, quality and customer service possible.

Why include solar in your holiday wish list

The holidays are a time we all take a good hard look at our finances and really think of how much we can afford to spend. But what if you could save money all year long, especially when you need it the most?

Enter to Win!

Here at Aztec Solar, we value our community and our fans. That’s why we are doing a $100 gift card sweepstakes each month as a thank you to our fans and followers.

Solar is the future and here is why

Did you know that in the last year solar power’s demand has increased by over 40 percent? Residential solar power demands are up from the year before, too, according to a recent article by NextCity.

Solar energy outperforms non-clean energy

Did you know it would only take a little over a week of solar energy to run a light bulb for a year? That’s exactly what Good Magazine’s recent experiment on renewable energy concluded.

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