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Enjoy your pool longer by adding a solar heater

There’s nothing like taking a nice dip in your swimming pool – unless your pool is too cold and too expensive to upkeep. And even though summer is just around the corner, sometimes the early mornings and late evenings can still be too chilly to get all the enjoyment you deserve from your pool. Other times, just the cost and hassle of having to maintain a pool heater makes you not want to even use your pool.

Solar energy to help plane fly around the world, imagine what it can do for your home

​A plane that was recently revealed at the Payerne Air Force Base in Switzerland is expected to attempt the first solar flight around the world next year. Make your home soar, consider switching to solar today! Aztec Solar quality systems have a lifetime of more than 25 years and are practically maintenance-free.

The Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

There are many benefits to using solar pool heating in Sacramento benefits- both to your wallet and the environment...

President of Aztec Solar elected to Solar Energy Industries Association Board of Directors

Ed Murray, President of Aztec Solar, Elected to SEIA Board of Directors

How We Get Energy from the Sun

You can feel it – the sun’s burning rays are definitely powerful. But how do we convert all of that energy into something that can power a hair dryer, microwave, or light bulb? The process, while sounding very scientific, is actually quite simple.

​Top five benefits of going solar

If you are wondering why you should go solar, we have an answer or you. In fact, there are so many benefits to having solar electric power installed that it’s hard to name them all in one article. That’s why we’ve broken it down into the top five:

As tax season approaches, remember to claim your 2013 solar purchase

Energy Star-approved solar-power systems that were installed before the end of 2016 are eligible for a credit worth 30 percent of the total cost for the year it was installed. This means that if you purchased an Aztec Solar System last year, you can claim the tax credit on your 2013 taxes.

Why You Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump in Sacramento

Variable speed pool pumps are more efficient than single or two-speeds, and they are quiet, energy efficient, durable, a great investment.

New Rebates for Solar Pool Heating In Sacramento

Swimming pool solar heating reduces long-term costs, relieves climate change guilt, and rebates are available.

Solar Jobs Boost California Economy

The solar industry is creating jobs not just here in California, but all across the country, with many of these jobs right here in Sacramento.

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