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Solar - Throughout the Years

One thing that we’re most proud of here at Aztec Solar Inc is that we can provide our clients with over 30 years of solar experience. With all those years of solar experience behind us, we began thinking about our part in the history of solar technology.

The Yellow Brick [Solar] Road

The creative minds that continue to think of new solar capacities never ceases to amaze us! Two recent items in the news have us shaking our heads in amazement.

Solar Payoff

Energy efficiency is on the minds of most these days, but many want to ensure there is a payoff for renewable energy. We discussed our top 5 reasons to go solar in our blog, where we pointed out the great benefit for the environment (switching to solar water heating from electric water heating, for example, can help offset anywhere from 40% to 100% of carbon dioxide emissions of a typical commuter car). Beyond the environmental benefits, solar pays off in big ways financially.

The Future of Photovoltaic Storage

As solar energy depends on the sun’s rays, nighttime and cloudy conditions can result in insufficient electricity if there is not a method to store the energy. Utility companies and researchers are working hard to be able to integrate renewable energy sources into the grid. So, how exactly is solar energy (called photovoltaic energy) stored for later use?

Salt Water Becomes Drinkable With Use of Solar

We all know water is a resource we cannot live without. No doubt, the drought in our state is coming to the forefront of discussions and concerns more. The need for water is so important that Governor Jerry Brown recently ordered mandatory water restrictions for California. By his order, there is to be a 25% reduction on most local water supply agencies (which serve 90% of California residents), and some agencies will even have to reduce water usage by 35% over the coming year.

California's Breaking Another Record.

Solar innovation and progress toward renewable energy sources is nothing new for California, but this week, California made big news by breaking another record

Solar Water Heating: A Great Solution to Save Water and Money

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown ordered mandatory cutbacks in statewide water usage, resulting in lifestyle changes for many California residents. The 25% decrease will affect all of us, leaving us questioning how we can make a difference.

Solar Pool Heating: How It All Works

Solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in the country, according to Not only are they reasonably priced, solar pool heating systems generally last longer than traditional, less environmentally friendly options like gas or heating. The initial investment is paid back with savings in less than five years on average and with convenient financing options – you could enjoy your pool for eight months out of the year for less than $80 a month.

Too Good to be True?

Some discounts can seem too good to be true… Because they are! Did you know that some solar incentives and rebates can be used as taxable income when April 15th rolls around?

Solar energy reaches new heights

The solar industry reached new heights in the last year. Solar employees now account for more than Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter combined, according to a recent article from SEIA.

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