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5 commonly asked questions about photovoltaic technology for water systems

5 commonly asked questions about photovoltaic technology for water systems

Did you know you can save up to 80 percent on the cost to heat the water inside your home or business?

Photovoltaic transforms traditional water-heating methods through clean and affordable electricity technology.

If you’ve ever wondered about photovoltaic systems and technology for water heating, we put together a list of five frequently asked questions that will give insights into this on-demand technology.

How does solar convert into electricity?

Small bursts of energy are released when semiconducting materials such as types of silicon are exposed to sunlight.

Known as the photoelectric effect, this process describes how solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight into electricity.

Without the cells, the light strike particles may just bounce off or be absorbed with little to no effect.

The cells, however, harness energy from the photon, exchanging it for an electron in an atom of the PV cell. This gives rise to the magic of solar power heating.

What is the lifespan of a photovoltaic system?

Photovoltaic systems are designed for the long haul.

Once installed, they will operate for over two decades with minimal maintenance.

The basic components of photovoltaic technology, including what’s interconnected and enclosed, have no moving parts, and can last over 30 years.

With Aztec Solar, you can be ensured that the system will be expertly installed so it can surpass average life expectancy.

How large of a system do I need?

Depending on your energy needs, the scope of the system will vary.

The amount of electricity needed to heat up water and the size of your roof are major factors.

Aztec Solar is determined to meet the needs of our customers, no matter what they are. We can work together to plan and design a system that surpasses your expectations and saves you money.

What are the precise components involved with a photovoltaic system?

These include PV modules (groups of cells) that are commonly referred to as the PV panels.

Batteries, a charge controller for some systems, an inverter for when a direct current is needed, wiring, and mounting and framework hardware complete the system.

Why should I switch to photovoltaic technology?

Aztec Solar believes every solar application is equally part of the grand solution to a brighter future and stronger planet.

Our commitment is to meet the needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and government entities.

Photovoltaic provides a simple yet advanced technology answer that meets the energy needs of homes and businesses alike. As importantly, this cost-saving investment will save you money now and put you at the forefront of an exciting and green energy movement.

5 advantages of residential and commercial solar technology

5 advantages of residential and commercial solar technology

Aztec Solar is Northern California’s go-to solar expert.

We are committed to meeting the energy needs of homes and businesses across the Sacramento region. This is accomplished with first-class solar products and technologies and a great staff.

Our goal is to put you first so you can enjoy the benefits of going solar, saving you money and helping us save the planet.

Here are five advantages to going solar.

Low maintenance costs

Solar energy is affordable in so many ways.

Keeping your system up and running will not take a lot of effort or resources.

A big part of that is because solar panels have an incredible life expectancy and will not require regular maintenance work.

Aztec Solar products do not have moving parts so there’s little worry about wear and tear, as a result.

Ride technology wave

As evidenced by growing affordability, solar energy is constantly getting better and more efficient.

Quantum physics and nanotechnology will continue to improve and increase the amount of energy that can be harnessed.

This means that as a solar power user, you may one day be able to double or triple your electrical output and the associated savings.

Feel good about going green

Solar energy is the ultimate renewable power with far-reaching potential. It is boundless.

We see every solar application as a part of the bigger solution for a healthier planet and a brighter future.

With your buy in, we can continue to build on the momentum of creating a future of clean and affordable energy for everyone.

Reduce your utility bill

From pool heating, solar storage, in-house solar water heating to full-scale solar applications for the entire home or business, your investment in solar will reduce or eliminate the need for traditional utility.

The amount of savings will depend on the scope and size of the solar power application.

There’s even a possibility to store or maximize the excess energy your system produces.

Mix and match solar applications

Aztec Solar is committed to meeting your solar needs – whatever they are.

For more than four decades, we’ve supplied our customers with an array of solar options. Residential, commercial, industrial and governmental entities have all benefited greatly from our applications.

We offer solar storage, full-scale solar applications, water heating, pool heating and other small- and large-scale projects.

If you’re interested in joining this exciting and Earth-friendly movement, please reach out to us today to learn more. Our award-winning staff is ready to answer your questions and share with you the many benefits of green technology.

Aztec Solar’s Pearl Certification partnership increases residential solar investment

Aztec Solar’s Pearl Certification partnership increases residential solar investment

Our customers are motivated by our solar services and applications for a number of reasons.

They want to be at the forefront of an exciting solar power movement that saves them money and protects the environment. And they demand the peace of mind that their electricity will be available no matter what.

These technologies and benefits, such as solar battery storage, have never been more available and in demand – and homeowners and future homeowners have taken notice.

This important investment, however, can go even further with a Pearl Certification.

That is why we are proud of our new partnership with the Pearl Certification program that elevates our customers’ investment to a whole new level.

The high-performing features and improvements that make your home more comfortable and efficient will command a five percent price premium on its value for resale or refinancing purposes.

Pearl’s certification system details your home performance and insights into system optimization. Each improvement earns a Pearl Certification.

This means that you will reap the benefits of solar energy from the moment you first flick the on switch until the last time you turn off the lights.

We can work together and document and certify your entire home’s solar install, making you part of the Pearl Advantage Network.

This product aligns with our mission to put our customers first. We strive to fulfill the energy needs of our customers with industry-leading solar products and technologies. We support our products with award-winning customer service and expertise. In the end, our promise is lower prices, clean energy, power independence and an everlasting investment.

If you’re ready for a certification that creates a pathway for maximizing your solar dollars, please reach out to us today to learn about the Pearl Certification and our exciting lineup of solar applications.

From solar storage, pool heating for year-round swimming, water heating and complete solar electricity applications, all systems are sold as a turn-key solution for immediate and long-term savings.

Report: Solar is the most affordable source of energy

Report: Solar is the most affordable source of energy

The power of solar never ceases to amaze.

It gives Aztec Solar customers a chance at incredible savings on their utility bills, the flexibility of electricity on demand and the pride of going green.

Globally, solar and other green technologies remain affordable, too. It’s the most economically friendly form of energy in at least two-thirds of the world, according to a Bloomberg report.

In fact, solar costs fell by 4 percent, to about $50 a megawatt-hour in 2019, according to Bloomberg.

In the United States and in parts of Asia, the price is even lower. Costs for equipment are down and technologies have improved. All these factors are making it easier than ever to switch to solar.

Aztec Solar delivers energy solutions for both home and business use. Our unique services and products are backed by decades of doing business in Northern California and award-winning solar experts and representatives. Aztec Solar representatives are taking your questions about what solar can do on chat right now.

We will tell you about our range of technologies, which are designed to meet the energy needs of all our customers. From in-house water heating, electricity, pool heating, solar storage and other applications, we do it all.

If you already benefit from a solar panel system at home or at your place of business, or you’ve been thinking about making the change, now’s an incredible time to do so.

We are excited to pass on savings directly to you for the short- and long-run while equipping your system with solar battery storage technology.

Living in California means we must prepare for major events, including an increasing number of wildfires. Planned power outages, as a result of this trend, are a new norm to help prevent a potential disaster. With solar battery storage, you can have power on demand. It works by storing excess energy that’s generated by your residential or commercial solar electricity system. The stored power is ready for use whenever it’s needed.

Combining solar electricity with solar battery storage leads to power on demand for unforeseen outages or peak energy times when it’s needed the most.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about solar battery storage technology and other solar applications that save you money and give you peace of mind.

With challenges ahead, solar can provide solutions for unexpected power outages

With challenges ahead, solar can provide solutions for unexpected power outages

Our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors across the state and beyond who are facing health concerns and economic pain over the COVID-19 emergency.

A return to a semblance of normalcy is a matter of when not if. Yet, many unknowns remain as we continue to confront the challenges of this pandemic.

Later this year, there are fears that the flu season will further complicate matters if a second serge of COVID-19 infection occurs. We are all hoping for the best and will do our part to ensure our operations follow health and safety guidelines set forth by state and county officials.

California may also face a tumultuous wildfire season because the spread of COVID-19 threatens to make things more difficult for those on the wildfire frontlines. Already, the outbreak has postponed training exercises, controlled burns and inspections of high-fire risk properties in some parts of the state.

The American Red Cross is greatly concerned about the spread of the disease if communities are evacuated during a fire. Crowded evacuation centers may exponentially increase the risk of infection.

Unplanned power outages during peak wildfire season are inconvenient, stressful and draining on resources and time.

Unfortunately, these outages have become a new normal as the state finds new ways to prevent catastrophic wildfire events.

At Aztec Solar, we continually innovate and customize energy solutions to meet the needs of our residential and business customers.

Our solar products and technologies will be as vital as ever during the difficult months ahead as the wildfire season approaches.

Solar batteries are another tool we are proud to offer to our customers. They work by storing excess energy generated by solar electricity systems. The extra power is then made available when it’s needed the most. Solar batteries can kick in during peak energy times or unexpected power outages.

Solar batteries offer peace of mind when stress levels are high.

Be prepared for the unexpected, save money on your utility bill, and do something good for the planet.

To learn more about solar battery storage system and how it can be combined with a solar power electricity system, please contact us today online to learn more about this opportunity.

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