5 benefits of getting solar in the Sacramento region

It’s no surprise that California leads the nation in solar energy capacity. As a global trend-setter, California is always looking toward the future.

While fossil fuels remain a leading source of energy, solar energy is the bridge into the future because it’s clean, affordable and reliable. As an under tapped resource, solar energy consumption will only continue to grow, ushering in a new energy revolution that focuses on solutions that are clean, sustainable and affordable.

The benefits of solar are all-encompassing, especially if you live in the greater Sacramento area. Read on to learn five reasons why solar energy can work for you.

Solar affordability

Now more than ever, the costs for solar applications and installation are budget friendly. Believe it or not, the overall costs have dropped to nearly half in a very short span of time. And with enhanced efficiencies, consumers enjoy lower costs and bigger savings.

In addition to the increased affordability and energy efficiencies, consumers benefit from a number of financial incentives, such as a 26 percent tax break through the federal solar investment tax credit.

Smaller monthly bill

The unpredictability of traditional utility comes at a price. Sudden price hikes or unannounced power interruptions are the source of frustration for many customers. With solar, there’s both an immediate and long-term return on investment.

Start with the monthly bill. Depending on your setup and energy-saving goals, you can expect a substantial reduction to your monthly bill. Plus, any unused energy that you send back to the grid will result in billing credits for more savings.

And as traditional utility prices keep changing, solar energy supports stability in fixed costs, which will add up to loads of savings over the years.

Backup power

While the weather is gorgeous around here, the weather can get ugly. Power events and glitches can leave you and your family in the dark.

Solar energy and solar battery storage customers have the peace of mind that electricity will always be available, especially during emergencies.

Customized solar

Whether you’re living in open space or in a smaller urban footprint, solar power is scalable and can be customized to meet your specific needs at home or at your business.

We can help design a system that is suited for today but can also be expanded for future use. And with an array of solar applications, such as solar battery storage, solar pool heating or complete solar applications, there’s an energy solution for every need, no matter the size.

Increased property value

At a time when home prices are appreciating at historic rates, solar energy is another boost to your property’s value.

Even a modest solar electricity system can add tens of thousands of dollars to the market value of your home.


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