5 reasons why you should get solar battery storage in 2021

If you’re tired of the pain of high fluctuating utility bills or unexpected power outages, solar battery technology and storage could be for you.

Solar power technologies free residential and commercial customers from the constraints of utility companies and give them full control of their energy use. When solar power and solar energy storage are combined, there’s even a greater promise of affordable and clean energy to be realized.

Here are five reasons why you should consider adopting solar battery storage in 2021.

Ultimate backup power

Solar energy is renewable and can be collected and stored for later use with solar battery storage.

In many cases, solar panel energy systems will produce more energy than can be used. The excess energy can be sent back to the grid or it can be stored onsite for later use.

As the state grapples with poor energy infrastructure and the threat of wildfire activity, planned power outages will continue to be standard operating procedure for many utility customers up and down the state.

You can avoid waiting for power to be restored by having your own ultimate backup with a solar battery storage system.

Savings upon savings

As everyone knows, solar energy is so attractive because it saves customers money on their monthly utility bill for a lifetime.

Solar battery storage systems can increase those savings because they are not subject to utility-imposed peak hour billing.

You can avoid extra costs for maintaining power by tapping into your own reserve of clean and affordable energy at any time with solar energy storage.

Two is stronger than one

Solar panels and solar storage technology work well in tandem. There may be days when panels will not pick up as much energy as possible.

Solar battery storage can make up for any energy deficiency by storing power and saving it for when it’s needed the most.

Demand on the rise

There’s no doubt how far we’ve come when it comes to solar energy adoption – and there’s a similar wave behind solar energy storage technology.

The sales of household batteries are increasing annually as more consumers realize the benefits of energy storage, especially if they are already producing excess energy.

Solar battery storage is safe

Solar battery storage is a safe and powerful application for the home or place of business. There’s simply no credible threat of this energy storage system leading to a dangerous home or work environment.

If you’re ready for storage battery technology to store and manage your solar energy, you can partner with us to get it done.

Aztec Solar is a trusted leader in the Sacramento region for solar battery storage and other powerful solar applications for residential and commercial use.

Whether you’re looking for a whole-house backup or something smaller in scale, contact us today to learn more about this emerging technology.

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