5 tips to help keep your solar-powered home warmer this winter

It’s getting cold outside. And even though your Sacramento-area home is equipped with a solar energy system, there are still other ways to boost efficiency and keep heat in, and the cold out.

The following cold-weather tips will lead to a cozier and more energy-efficient dwelling this winter season.

Ceiling fan

Did you know your home’s ceiling fan can help circulate warm air around your home?

Simply reverse the fan’s direction so it can do its work and circulate the warm air that’s being released from your heating system.

As a bonus, using ceiling fans during the winter will reduce dust accumulation and make it easier for cleaning.

Solar heat pump

As a complement to your solar electricity system, a solar heat pump is another clean and efficient way to warm the inside of the home.

These air-sourced pumps provide heat through the home’s duct or piping systems while the ground-source pump operates in tandem with pipes underneath the home.

Thermostats with apps

Newer homes and their heating and air setups will feature smart thermostats, which let you set timers and make other adjustments to the home’s energy use.

With a few swipes, smart thermostats balance the amount of energy needed to power the home, especially during peak hours. And the best part about this automation is that it will also help you save money.

Electric heating

For some homeowners, electric heating is the only option – and it can be on the expensive side.

Solar energy users, however, have an upper hand when using these types of heating devices, which do better in targeted areas of the home.

Portable heating systems are inexpensive and will do a great job in keeping a room nice and cozy without the high-energy bill.


This is an obvious solution to help keep the inside of your home warm and sealed from the elements.

Proper insulation boosts the efficiency of the energy production inside your home and will keep utility costs in check. In addition, insulation will block out noise, regulate humidity and reduce allergens and pests inside the home.

For any questions related to a solar power system for your home or business, contact us today!

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