7 benefits of getting residential solar power in Sacramento

Affordable, clean and more efficient than ever. Solar power applications for the home continue to evolve technologically, providing customers with reliable energy of the future.

Here are seven reasons why so many others have already made the switch to solar energy to power their homes in Sacramento.

Energy bill reduction

Solar customers save money and can eliminate their monthly utility bill. A well-insulated home or building can be fully powered by solar electricity. Any surplus in power production can be sent back to the grid for credit.

Use it anywhere

As long as the sun is out, solar applications will generate electricity, even if you’re off the grid. You can harness the sun’s energy from almost anywhere and have peace of mind that it’s reliable and clean.

Earn tax incentives

Solar customers can take advantage of large tax breaks thanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, which was recently extended. Both commercial and residential solar customers are entitled to 26% in credits this year. The tax break remains the same in 2022.

Less stress on grid

As more customers sign up for solar, the load on the electricity grid will decrease. With a greater number of solar transmission points, the chances of power blackouts are substantially reduced.

Zero energy waste

Did you know that about 5% of traditional electricity is lost as it’s distributed and transmitted to your home? Not so with solar. Solar energy applications are installed on-site for maximum efficiency and connectivity.

High peak-hour performance

Peak-hour pricing will be a thing of the past. The window of time when utility companies typically impose extra charges is also when solar power electricity generation is at its peak. So as utility customers worry about peak-hour pricing, solar customers can generate optimal levels of electricity for maximum savings.

Environmentally friendly

Save money and help save the planet with solar energy. As a renewable source of energy, solar technology doesn’t emit any harmful gasses into the atmosphere or release pollution into water or soil, either. Solar energy is squeaky clean, affordable and the path toward a brighter future for all.

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