9 reasons why you should convert to solar energy in 2021

Going green pays off in multiple ways. It saves money and protects the environment from harmful greenhouse emissions. But those aren’t the only reasons why so many people turn to solar energy to power their homes and businesses.

With solar energy, customers can tap into clean and reliable energy to power buildings, heat water and even store solar energy with solar batteries so the energy can be used when it’s needed the most.

Take a look at the following 9 reasons why you should go solar in 20201 and why so many others have already adopted solar energy technologies to meet all their energy needs.

Tax advantage

Through Dec. 31, home and business owners can take advantage of a substantial tax break of 26 percent through the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

For residential customers, that means the solar applications must be fully installed and ready to use by the end of the year to qualify for the tax break. In 2021, the tax credit drops to 22 percent before it sunsets entirely the following year. Commercial customers, however, have until 2022 to receive a 10 percent break. So, if you can’t start your solar project before the end of the year, make sure you do it in 2021!

Excellent investment

Whether at home or at work, you want to make savvy investments that pay off quickly. Solar energy can do that, typically offering a payback period of just a few short years for commercial users.

Once the initial investment is settled, solar energy users will continue to enjoy a return on investment for decades to come.

Low operating cost

Solar panels and solar technologies are extremely efficient and reduce operating costs to produce utility savings month after month.

This means that the energy that’s produced will offset usage and boost savings and can be used for energy credits through net metering.

Easy upkeep

Despite the amazing output of solar energy systems, they require very little maintenance and cleaning to operate at full capacity.

These devices have no moving parts and require no daily maintenance or cleaning given their design and installation.

No-hassle financing

Solar technologies are as affordable as ever. And with the availability of incredible tax incentives, paying for or financing a solar energy system is pain-free.

There are a number of financing options to choose from, including some that require little to no upfront costs.

Environmentally sound

Solar energy is a solution to expensive utility bills and deteriorating environmental conditions. Solar energy is clean and abundant and eliminates the need to generate power through harmful carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases.

Environmental leadership

You can be the change so many people believe is right by adopting solar energy and leading by example.

Businesses can express their commitment to green energy and homeowners can set examples within their neighborhoods that solar energy is the way of the future.

Stable energy cost

Over the last decade, utility costs have skyrocketed by 70 percent. Customers are also left at the mercy of peak hour rates and unexpected power outages.

Not with solar. Solar energy is a reliable and stable energy source that is always on and will always save you money.

Higher property values

Solar energy is a proven way to easily add value to your property.

According to various studies into solar energy trends, a building with a solar energy system will demand a higher return on its value than those that are not equipped with solar applications.

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