A Greener 2015

It’s that time of year when we make declarations for our New Year’s resolutions. While a lot of us will vow to eat better, work out more or just plain be nicer to ourselves and others, think about taking it a step further and adding some green living resolutions to your list, thanks to these great points from COTAP!

  1. Take better care of your car.

    One of the easiest ways to reduce carbon emissions is to keep your car in well-tuned shape. Things like keeping your tires inflated, using the correct motor oil and even driving a little more safely can all lead to reduced emissions. Another easy fix? Carpool or walk whenever possible.

  2. Keep your house in better shape.

Keeping your home better insulated, thermostat set at a reasonable temperature, swapping out incandescent bulbs for more energy efficient ones, and taking advantage of rebates for ENERGY STAR labeled appliances can all create a greener home.

  1. Clean up your act.

The “provision of goods” contributes to nearly 30% of greenhouse gases. By refurbishing, reselling or recycling old clothes, furniture and other goods, we can do our part to reduce that number. Another way we can help is to eat locally. Eating seasonally and locally reduces carbon emissions from transportation, the use of fuel-based fertilizers and pesticides, all leading to a cleaner environment and lifestyle.

  1. Find ways to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy.

It may be tempting to take advantage of the low cost of gas, but the energy from the sun is FREE. 2015 is a great time to keep your home greener by taking advantage of solar electric, solar water heating and solar pool heating. Solar is a great investment, pays itself off in a short period of time, increases your home’s value AND with us, it can be turn-key! Contact us today for a free site analysis to see how solar would be a great fit for your home or business.

Happy New Year!

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