Advantages of solar energy far outweigh disadvantages

There are always two sides of an argument, and to a certain extent, that is the case with solar energy. But the numerous benefits and advantages of solar energy far outweigh the disadvantages, according to CleanTechnica.

Here are the top three advantages.

1) Financial savings: Who doesn’t want to save money? In the long run, solar energy can save you tens of thousands on your monthly energy bills. Combine these savings with flexible financing options, and you can save with little to no money up front.

2) Sustainability: Not only does solar energy help reduce carbon emissions by offsetting the use of other nonrenewable energy sources, but solar also aids in water conservation, by not using massive amounts of water to power coal and nuclear power plants.

3) Finances: Solar creates JOBS! In fact, solar energy investments create nearly three times more jobs than those investments made in natural gas, and twice as many as coal. It’s good for the environment AND the economy.

So what about the disadvantages? Well, there really are very few. In fact, according to the article, the only qualm is that the sun doesn’t shine all the time, which in Sacramento isn’t very accurate, since we have sunshine the majority of the year. Some say solar energy is too much of an upfront cost, but there are a myriad of financing options that make going solar feasible for nearly everyone. Interested in more information? Contact us at and we’d love to discuss all the advantages solar energy can have in your life.

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