Africa looking to double up energy production with floating solar panels

Using wide open bodies of water, Africa can double up its ability to generate clean energy on top of clean energy – literally.

Floating solar panels installed on the surfaces of lakes used for hydroelectricity are proving to be exceptionally efficient and convenient. If the solar panels covered just 1 percent of the surface space currently available on the reservoirs, for example, it would substantially boost the creation of clean energy.

Nations like Ethiopia and Zambia draw more than 90 percent of their energy from hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric dams are the nation’s biggest renewable power source and Africa is betting its future on it with plans to construct dozens more.

With climate change, however, those efforts could be challenged with drier climates.

Scientists believe that floating solar panels can be the key to sustaining the flow of clean energy in a part of the world where it’s needed the most, according to a new paper in Renewable Energy. The approach is a creative solution because solar panels can be plugged right into existing infrastructure and power grid – even when dams are low on water fuel.

Solar power technology is a common denominator in many of today’s forward-thinking energy solutions. The development in Africa shows that no problem is too large when solar power is involved.

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