Are most of your neighbors going solar? Here is why

Have you noticed how many more solar panels there are in your neighborhood?

Collectively, communities just like ours in the Sacramento region have experienced a large increase in residential solar installations since 2000.

As you look around your neighborhood and notice the growing number of solar panel installs, you may be thinking, why?

The truth is: there are plenty of reasons for doing so, including generous tax incentives and savings that last a lifetime.

Here are a few other reasons why your neighbors have already made the switch to solar.

To embrace clean energy

Solar energy applications are designed to efficiently meet the energy needs of home and business owners.

Solar energy is efficient for your wallet and the planet.

Because solar power is derived from clean and renewable energy, we can effectively combat harmful greenhouse gas emissions and the dependence on fossil fuel.

Together, we are taking on climate change.

To store energy

With solar panels, home solar battery storage collects unused energy throughout the day for future use.

This feature is particularly beneficial as California continues to experience rolling power blackouts.

Residents with solar power and solar battery storage can fulfill their energy needs during these events.

To control and lower costs

As a solar power customer, you can enjoy monthly savings and break free from the constraints of unpredictable utility price hikes.

The solar tax credit also offers solar adopters a huge 26 percent credit toward the purchase of a solar energy system. Act fast though – it’s set to expire soon.

Net metering also pays. It allows solar customers to sell unused energy back to power companies, which they pass on to their neighbors. The power company reimburses you for the power you put back into the system.

 Lower pricing

Solar energy solutions are more affordable than ever.

The opportunity to make a difference in this world makes this decision even easier.

And of course, you also earn a lifetime of savings by making the switch.

If you’re ready, Aztec Solar is here to help.

Our team of solar experts have served the Sacramento region and beyond for more than four decades.

We will meet your energy needs with top-quality solar products and technologies that save you money and help save the planet.

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