Aztec Solar offering 0 percent down on solar panels

There are several options for homeowners who want to install solar. Those who don’t want to purchase the system outright can take advantage of a special financing offer from Aztec Solar.

We are currently offering 0 percent down on solar financing, with a 1.99 percent interest rate and $2,250 off the price of solar if you finance with us*!

Solar panel loans are much like other home improvement loans used to add on a room in your home or install new flooring. Except, unlike other remodels, with a solar loan, you can start saving money on your electricity bills right away.

Aztec Solar wants to help you find and evaluate your solar loan options!

A Sacramento solar system can save you thousands on electricity or water heating costs. There are a plethora of options available for homeowners through the various loans, tax incentives, and rebate programs offered to Sacramento and California residents.

No matter your circumstances, we will find a solution for you, and our professional solar installers will make sure the installation is done correctly.

Going solar helps you do your part and saves you money at the same time – become part of the global solution today! Call (916) 853-2700 now!

*Not valid with any other offer.

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