California hopes to speed up solar permit process

A California lawmaker is pushing for automated solar permitting to speed up the installation process and deliver solar technology into more neighborhoods.

The forward-thinking proposal will make it easier and faster for people to access affordable energy for their homes. It will also save them money. Under the new procedures, customers living in communities of at least 10,000 residents will save on permitting costs.

The Solar Access Act streamlines the permitting process by allowing remote inspections and approvals of residential solar projects. It focuses on finding solutions to logistical challenges at the city level.

Technology created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will help expedite the permit process with a web-based app. Lawmakers say local governments can sign off on permits by seamlessly accessing data via the app.

Pleasant Hill and San Jose are already using the new technology to approve solar energy application permits. As a result, permits for solar energy have increased by 600% in the Bay Area.

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Saving money and helping protect the planet are two great causes. The urgent call to undo the damage of fossil fuels has never been louder. Nor has there ever been this much momentum to address it.

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