California offers rebate for solar storage batteries

California offers residents one of the nation’s most generous solar storage battery incentives through the Self-Generation Incentive Program.

As a leader of green energy, the Golden State is taking it a step further by rebating some costs associated with solar battery installation.

More homeowners may have greater access to this incredible program.

Established in 2001, the rebate supports “behind the meter” technologies, including solar battery storage. Unfortunately, residents had faced some hurdles to applying for the rebate while industrial-size projects were quick to get funding, leaving many homeowners out of the game.

Recent changes to the program, however, make homeowners eligible for up to $250 per kilowatt-hour of home battery storage. The value of the kilowatt-hour will depend on battery capacity. Early adopters of this technology have the potential to benefit the most as California continues to add to its solar battery storage.

A large chunk of the program’s fund, about $62 million annually, will be designated for energy storage, a departure from previous practices. About 15 percent will be set aside for residential applicants.

In another change, funds are disbursed throughout the year for a continuous and traditionally structured program that can help more residents.

Customers can combine this rebate with the solar investment tax credit for additional savings and peace of mind.

For customers of solar power solutions, solar battery storage is the next step of the green revolution.

A home battery allows residents to store excess power that can be used when it’s needed the most.

As California faces the threat of energy blackouts and energy conservation measures, residents with solar power and solar battery storage are equipped to meet their energy needs under any circumstance.

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