California ranked as the top solar state in the country

California is the leader in solar energy across the country by a large margin, according to a new report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Specifically, California is ranked No. 1 on the Top 10 Solar States list, which is based on cumulative solar capacity installed (as of March 2016). The ranking also includes the number of megawatts (MW) installed per state and the number of houses powered per megawatt of solar added.

Below is how the ranking breaks down.

1. California (13,241 MW – 3.3 million homes)

2. Arizona (2,303 MW – 327,000 homes)

3. North Carolina

4. New Jersey

5. Nevada

6. Massachusetts

7. New York

8. Hawaii

9. Colorado

10. Texas (534 MW – 57,000 homes)

As you can see, California is ahead of Arizona, the second highest state, by nearly 11,000 MW and ahead of Texas by 12,707 MW. Other factors that went into the ranking include the number of solar jobs as of January 2016, solar capacity installed in 2015, solar capacity per capita and percentage of new electricity generation from solar.

The SEIA expects the solar industry to more than double the amount of installed solar capacity nationwide in 2016. If that isn’t enough to demonstrate how strong the solar industry is, it was recently reported that the solar workforce grew more than 20 percent for the third consecutive year.

Now is the time to join the solar movement.

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